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  1. Taylormade SIM MAX D with the stock UST Mamiya helium set at 10.5° standard (first driver I haven't had to set to upright/draw position). I've been hitting it so well I don't even want to take the price and made in sticker off. My 3w is a Cleveland hibore xl 15° with an Aldila NV rip'd green, both reg flex. I don't really hit the 3w off of the deck, as my home course isn't that long. I've been very lightly trying with the idea of replacing the 3w with possibly a 64° wedge for when I'm short sided, but really I should just *shudders* practice.
  2. I am currently using a knight evnroll zr5, I got it for $10 out of the clearance bin at 2nd swing. It works very well for me. I can tell it's not the putter, but me either mis-reading or mis-hitting putts.
  3. I bought 3 dozen last black Friday and have been playing with them off and on. I do like how it feels, soft but not too soft, and it feels lively off of the face. I wish I could speak to the durability of it, but unfortunately I have been losing balls very easily this year.
  4. Cleveland quadpro Some box set driver I got from the $5 used clubs bin in the pro shop of home course Warrior custom golf (head sheared off at the ferule while putting head over on idk if I got a round out of it) Taylormade r7 superquad Taylormade r1s Taylormade SIM max D
  5. I got fitted for the SIM and due to a miscommunication at the register, I had to wait until payday to get it. When I went back the SIM I was going to buy had clearly been hit. I picked up the Max D, I hit about 5 shots on the simulator and it just clicked with me. The bag, I just wanted a nice looking bag with 14 dividers and I really like Cleveland clubs.
  6. I can definitely agree with this. My swing speed is technically stiff level but I don't have any issues with my reg flex clubs, granted I'm in a weird spot where my swing speed is on the edge of regular and stiff.
  7. I use a lot of Cleveland clubs, and this made me laugh. Thanks for making my day.
  8. I don't think I'd have a problem with it in particular. Thinking about it my home course could basically be that. I play it because it's a good mix of proximity, price, and challenge for me. Plus it's only 9 holes, so I can play after work if I want. The lone par 5 yardage wise is only 435, but the way it plays makes it the par 5. The first half is downhill that any decent shot that carries 180 is probably going into the creek cutting it in half. Then the other half is uphill with the last 75 yards being a fairly steep hill leading to a small green with a false front. For my skill
  9. I'm a 4 wedge guy, my set pw and aw at 45° and 50°, then a 56° and 60°. I find I have pretty much the distances I need covered with them.
  10. I know it's QC related, but the best response I have seen is it's a worker held in the factory sending out coded messages.
  11. This was my first driver as well, a hand me down from my dad. This club started my club hoeing ways. First driver I purchased for myself was a Taylormade r7 superquad, then the r1s, and now a SIM max d. Now I feel I've gotten to the point where my bag is pretty much set.
  12. 17 handicap, bagging a Cleveland hibore xl at 15° with an Aldila NV rip'd green. I mainly use it off the tee, but I've hit it off the deck a couple times and it performs well for me.
  13. I wouldn't be playing from that tee in reality lol, but in this situation with my current physical issue, it's most likely going to be driver, pitch on and hope for a 2 putt. If I'm %100 healthy, it's still driver, but I might reach it, and hope for a 2 putt. Honestly, I'd be happy with a bogey on that hole.
  14. I do have a 3w in the bag, but it's mainly a tee club in case the driver is really misbehaving. Otherwise I have a 17° Adam's xtd ti super hybrid, then an Adams speedline plus 4 and 5 hybrids. This setup works well for me.
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