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  1. 7I'm fairly brand agnostic, but definitely have preferences. I prefer TM drivers, and Cleveland wedges. Otherwise I will generally play with what feels good, gives me good results, and provides good value (aka I'm cheap). Because of this I have a lot of Cleveland clubs. The brands I've stayed away from are Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Cobra, and PXG. Titleist, never really performed well for me, even when I would have gotten a good deal. I have used pro V1 and V1X. Ping I've only tried their irons and didn't mesh with, when I flush them they feel good, but otherwise meh. I have heard, well not the g425, good things about the woods, but they didn't stand out for me. Callaway nothing has really caught my eye, although I was seriously considering getting the Rogue re-release but didn't get to try it by the time I had the funds available. PXG I thought looked awful up until this years releases, combine that with the price, just was a no for me. I did try the Cobra driver this year, but it didn't really perform well for me. As long as it performs and is a good value, I'll use it.
  2. I feel my gear is at the point where it's me not the club, so the jocular answer of whatever one is in my hand applies, lol. However the ones that give me the most problems recently have been the 6 iron or my sand wedge. The wedge was on chips, and I was using it pretty well at times so it's a technique issue. I know it's probably a technique issue with the 6 iron too, but it's almost like it's in my head at this point. Honorable mention goes to the putter but that's definitely my head, and not committing to the putt, decelerating through impact and leaving it woefully short.
  3. Thanks for posting this thread, I have my fitting set for black Friday, and my budget is probably too low for irons, so it was nice to hear about their payment plan. How did you research the fitter?
  4. I am too, I really like Cleveland clubs (I think largely because I'm cheap when it comes to spending money on myself), and I really like the looks of that. Combine that with my 56° having a lot of mileage on it, I'm very excited to see this.
  5. I do like to tinker with driver but it's gotten to the point now where it's either replaced because something performs that much better, 9r it just needs to be replaced. I would say recently I've been a one every year guy, but I'm feeling like my SIM MAX D will stay in the bag for another year at least. Of course, when I finally get to go to Club Champion and get fitted, who knows, maybe I'll find something else. Heck, just for $#+&$ and giggles I'm thinking of getting the TA 845 from GG/DSG, because when I got fit this year, that was the one where I got ahold of one and hit it the longest.
  6. So now that winter is basically here in the upper Midwest I am now annoyed that my season is over. I went out yesterday and played ok, so that may be a part of it. It would've been nice to go out on a good scoring round. I'll look at the positives I guess, I only lost 1 ball, and I probably could have found it if I bothered to look, and it was a course I hadn't played before. We have a couple more days of very nice weather, but we're looking at possibly the first snowfall of the season on Friday and some trees decided to drop a bunch of leaves, so I'll probably take my golf time to clear off my driveway and walkways. The joys of being an adult.
  7. I have a 64° wedge in my bag currently. I only use it when I'm short sided and need the ball to stop on the green. I have used it a few times for longer shots, but it's just not worth it. I dropped my 60° for it. I am not a high spin player and when I tried those short sided chips with the 60° they would often roll out more than I wanted. So combine that with the urge to tinker, and the fact that I rarely use a 60 anyways, it's been a good purchase.
  8. I will start by saying when it comes to spending money on myself, I'm a cheapskate, so I could definitely be down with free fittings. However, I've also been around enough now that if a service is being performed, I will pay for said service. I would also say it depends on what type of fitting it is. If it's just hitting a bunch of different clubs and seeing which one performs the best, that should be free. If it's looking for things like length and lie, I think there should be a small fee, which could be free with purchase. If it's a top end fitting, then I think you should pay, and only have that waved if you make a purchase above a certain amount.
  9. Looks are usually the last thing I care about in an iron, but I'm probably more of an outlier when it comes to opinions on club design. I see all these people getting googly eyes over a blade and I think "eh." Meanwhile I actually like the look of the VAS, the launcher HB, or cavity backs with some design/badging. I have a set of the VAS as my backup irons. Now I definitely have some vanity, I don't think I could use some launchpad or the cobra hybrid irons long term, but I don't think I would have a problem if they were a rental set. There has only been one club that I have put down behind the ball and said, "nope, can't do it." It was a weird iron that may have been an early attempt at hybrid irons, it had a big bulge on the back and it had some wire looking accents around said bulge. In the end I've found that I have some preferences in looks, but not much. Granted, that can change as I've only been a golf addict for a couple years, before then I was more of the couple rounds a year type.
  10. I plead the fifth sir. I did some cleaning of my basement, and put all of the dozens of balls in one spot. I found out I had about 15 dozen boxes, and I have a few in the garage to bring in to add, so I have about 18~ dozen not including the found balls/extra balls in my bag. It was eye opening to say the least.
  11. they are foam, they give a much more solid feeling of contact then the plastic practice balls, they would be safe to use inside, I'd be more worried about damaging something with the club. I used them last year in lockdown when I built a hitting net. I didn't feel comfortable using real golf balls. I would use them for more contact/impact/ballstriking work and maybe not pay attention to flight.
  12. Good to know about the custom option, I luckily probably won't need that much customization, but good to know it's available.
  13. It's something I have thought about when I get new/new to me irons. I have the midwestern frugality deep in my blood, so the price point and the ability to get a forged set, and possibly being able to try them in store makes them intriguing. I'm not really in the market now, but if I want to go new (maybe in a couple years), they would probably be a contender.
  14. I find it interesting data, nothing more. Especially at my level, with how inconsistent I am, any quality control thing for a brand new ball would probably mean nothing. Because I can easily go through a sleeve of balls in just 9 holes on my home course, I pay more attention to cost. All of the ball reviews and testing out there shows that there are plenty of good balls/companies out there.
  15. I just want a fairly consistent shot shape lol, sob. My home course tends to benefit a fade more than a hook, so if I could control it, fade. Looking at my driver stats this year, my fairways hit percentage is pretty terrible, but I feel that when I have missed the fairway it's usually been a pretty manageable miss.
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