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  1. I prefer a solitary space to practice but that's not very likely, but I get my own bay and that works for me. I have a swingcaddy sc200 and that gives me carry, speed, smash factor pretty much everything I need. I don't really need it though. I will play in most weather as long as it's sunny. I'll play in rain if it starts mid round but I generally play in dry weather, but temperature isn't usually a factor. In season my playing is my practice, I play 4-6 times a week, usually taking Sunday off. I'll play 9/9+ after work and during the off-season I'll practice 1-2 times at a dome. W
  2. I'm glad you titled the thread own and not game, otherwise I couldn't post lol. I do have a set of Wilson k-28 irons that are the irons I learned the game on. I won't part with them for multiple reasons (sentimentality mostly, but I also would probably be lucky to get a sleeve of rock flite x outs for them.) When I upgraded my bag last off season I went to CB's with the Cleveland VAS 792's, then when I went to a more SGI/GI irons with the Cleveland 588 mts. I really, really like my mts though. They feel so buttery soft on pure shots and they do give me a smidgeon of feedback on mis
  3. Yeah, I'm sick of winter, unfortunately now we are having some good weather, but there's still snow on the ground. It looks like the weather will be good for the foreseeable future and I'm hoping some courses will open up shortly. Of course the weather could very well change and I'm guessing mid April will be the earliest I can get on a course. Having access to a golf dome has helped immensely.
  4. Twin Cities area here and there are a lot of 9 hole courses and 18 hole courses as well. I have come across maybe one course that didn't allow 9 hole times and that was only on weekend morning. I'm a member at a 9 hole course near my house, it's semi private, and I've never had a problem getting on. They've even been super nice about fitting me in a few times where some time opened up. All but 1 of my rounds last season were 9 holes. I would have had 2, but it was too slow and life got in the way. I could play at least 1 18 hole round a week, but in order to do that it would requir
  5. I'm not really averse to any brand if it performs. The manufacturer that I don't really jive with is ping, my instructor has some ping irons with some training aids on them and when I hit it flush it merely felt okay. Looks, I rarely have an opinion on, heck I actually kind of like the VAS. However there was one club I put down behind the ball and was just like "nope." I'm going off of memory and I remember it being a bulky club with a rounded back edge and rings around that rounded edge that was reminiscent of barbed wire. It was atrocious.
  6. Thanks for this, I went to the range/dome after work and focused on this. My ballstriking was a lot better and more consistent. I did have some mis-hits of course, but more often than not those were on target.
  7. So here is a down the line view from before the lesson. I know I was reaching as well. VID_20210128_163725110_1.mp4
  8. So I had a lesson a few days ago and found out my lead arm wasn't stiff/straight but my trail arm was. I had trouble hitting down into the ball. As a result I developed a coping mechanism to get to and through the ball, I dipped my lead shoulder way down and swayed well in front of the ball. I did get a decent squat motion out of it, but my ballstriking was very inconsistent. I also tend to peek a little early and get some early extension, oh and I also would over swing on the backswing and have too much wrist set. After the lesson I had some balls leftover and basically worked on half sw
  9. In the situation that you're referencing I personally would root for competitive golf after, hopefully the missed 3 footer doesn't lead to a breakdown. I work Sunday night so I never get to see the end of events, but in this case it sounds like it was a good situation all around for my liking. The playoff sounds like it was competitive, the bridesmaid got to be the bride which is a story I like.
  10. At least 36 just for reaching the greens and then 18 more for putting. That's assuming my nerves are under control.
  11. Same, I found the snow pic beautiful. Even though I'm with @DShepleyand want the stuff to melt so I can get on the course. Now that I think about it though, I took a lesson and found a pretty big swing fault, so maybe I need a little more time to get that worked out.
  12. So I don't plan on buying anything, but does swapping out clubs you already own count against you? If so, I'm probably in trouble lol. Right now the very top of the bag is set Driver: Taylormade r1s 3w: Cleveland hibore xl "5w": Adams xtd ti super hybrid 17° 4 hy: Adams speedline plus Here's where it gets interesting, I just purchased an Adams speedline plus 5 hybrid, but I could also use a cavity back 4 iron (unknown manufacturer), or just go straight into the 6-AW set of Cleveland 588 mts. Then my wedges. All I know is, I don't want to buy more gear unless I absolut
  13. I broke a weight on the heel side of my taylormade r1s trying to remove it to put in a heavier weight. I ended up leaving the sheared off bolt in there. I tried asking a couple of different shops if they could remove it, but no dice. I doubt it really affects the performance, but I would kind of like to have a weight in there
  14. I'm in the 30-39 category and my average drive is 234, and that was with going on a year at the end of the season and having a couple rounds where I was averaging 250~. Yeah there technically shouldn't be any reason why someone my age and in decent shape shouldn't be able to drive it 220, but golf is hard, and the average person may have a lot more mis-hits that could bring the average down. Then the average Joe could very well have equipment that doesn't fit them well. I think a big part of my aforementioned year is i replaced the shaft in my driver with a higher launching s
  15. I have the same problem at the course closest to my house. I usually play just 9 holes and I played it twice last season. I like the front 9, but I also wanted to play the back 9. Another course that I have played at had a starter and one time when I booked 9 holes they set me off the back 9 because there was a slow foursome on 1. I think if the course has a starter you could ask to set off on 9.
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