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  1. I have found that to be a bit of an issue with my game as well. When I have to wait I think I get too into my own head and it affects my play. Playing as a single oftentimes doesn't help, when I'm by myself between groups I tend to feel rushed.
  2. Huh, I'm still relatively new to the deep end of golf data and still kind of learning about my swing. I thought with my "power" fade issues that a really spinny ball wouldn't work for me. Maybe I need that extra spin. Usual disclaimer of everyone has a different swing applies of course.
  3. I have 2 that stick out in my mind, yes I know OP said best shot but I want to share lol. First one is on the 4th hole at my home course, downhill dogleg right. I hit my drive into the fairway (yay) leaving myself about a 60 yd approach to a tucked front right pin. There isn't much trouble on the right side, just some thick rough including a little peninsula of rough to guard the green. I know that if I can land it past that rough the bounce and roll would suck back to the hole. I hit a 3/4 gap wedge that lands exactly where I wanted it to (another yay) and sure enough 1 bounce th
  4. Before BF I bought 6 dozen for my dad and used a DSG 20 off 100+ promo. You could probably use rewards too, but I couldn't find any other deals
  5. The DC interests me a lot, but the cheap bastxxx in me doesn't like the 29.99 price tag. Now if I continue to improve and start putting the cut blue into a shag bag because of wear and tear instead of the woods or the water, I might jump up to the DC. I also went out and bought some Diablo tour balls today, I had a coupon so it was 3 for $40. They have good reviews and I figure they'd be okay to start the season while I knock the rust off. Let me know how the DC performs for you.
  6. I started out this year with no fairway wood, I went driver to a 17.5° Adams xtd super hybrid. Because I'm a club ho, and because my dad has one and likes it, I bought a Cleveland Hibore XL 3 wood off eBay. I love it off of the tee, but merely like it off the deck. As much as I love it off of the tee, it's also possibly the most replaceable because my home course I have little to no need for it. Luckily I don't carry a 3 iron or hybrid so I don't need to get rid of it.
  7. I would say I'd take both at my skill level lol. However, I'd prefer the good ball striking round. If I'm scrambling on 7/9 holes but still scoring well I'll take it, and it'd be a confidence boost, but too stressful, golf is a hobby for me. Of course, if it's just lip out after lip out, it would be kind of annoying too, but I can be kind of streaky with the putter anyways so I would probably chuck it up to having an off day.
  8. I do tend to spray the ball with the driver. It took me far too long to play to a shot shape, I used to try to hit it straight, I now try to hit a slight fade. It has helped.
  9. As I was typing up what I think would be the biggest hurdle (kind of difficult to see how far off-line the shot was), I realized I was probably overthinking it and it shouldn't be that hard. I should be able to see the trajectory of the ball flight and make a decent hypothesis as to how good/bad the shots were.
  10. I hear that Redtube is the place to go for getting proficient in shafts
  11. That's a great idea and it would probably be quite helpful in my off season fitness goal of general fitness and strengthening my core and leg muscles to help with my back. I like to say I don't have a bad back, but I also don't have a good back lol.
  12. Hi everybody, my offseason is officially here and I'm going to be going to a golf dome to work on my game. I don't practice a lot, last year when I went to the range it was more just to hit balls again rather than working on anything in particular. A little about my game, decent off the tee golfpad has my fairways hit at 50%, with 25% left miss and 25% right miss. Average 1.9 putts, GIR is at 26%. I feel my biggest weaknesses are 1) consistency and 2) ball striking with irons, and if I had to pick a 3rd lag putting consistency, hit some very well, some decent, and some woefully short.
  13. I don't have any specific plans yet. My main thing that I want to do is just get in better general shape, I pulled an ab muscle on the course one day, took it easy the next 4 but then my back acted up. Ended up with about a 2 week layoff in the middle of golf season, super fun, but considering everything going on in this world, could have been worse. I'm planning on focusing on the core and legs, work on stretching, and doing some speed training. Thinking about doing the speed sticks, but I think with the swing fan I bought, and the weighted club I have I probably have enough to do what I nee
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