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  1. At this time I'm pretty content with my bag, I'm sure the itch will arise again at some point, but I buy used only club I've bought new was my Cleveland 588 rtx cb. Nowadays manufacturers are making less clubs it seems so it's harder to find clubs like that.
  2. Thanks, I was going to refer people to this video. Big Al's infomercial made me want to buy the thing.
  3. Most memorable would be my personal best 1 over 35 at my home course. It actually started out not great, had a tee time at a different course but some morning things ran long and I couldn't make it. It also started out with a double bogey and a double bogey on 4 as well. My short game was on fire that day, a couple of hole outs, and a couple of chips that lead to tap in putts. Even made my first ever eagle. Main regret for that round is on the 9th hole. I had a long putt for birdie that I purposely lagged up there. I should have gone after it as I would have hade to have an 8 just to
  4. I don't think most of these things will become "the new normal," I do think it will become more personal choice. "You ok if we fist bump instead of shaking?"
  5. I would give a whole number and a range "16-18". Only reason I keep it is for personal reference and to gauge my progress. I think it only came up once last season.
  6. So my boss said he would be willing to treat me to a nice course for my birthday in the spring. I'm in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, willing to go into western Wisconsin. One of the courses he recommended is Troy Burne, I don't know what budget would be. Just looking for some guidance here. I'm a 16-18 handicap, so not looking for anything too difficult.
  7. Let's see, the 2 most difficult holes for me at my course, holes 1 and 4. Hole 1 because I don't do a proper warm up usually. Hole 4 is tough because it's a downhill par 4 dogleg right, forest and swamp to the right. There are a couple of ways to play it. Conservative play is to hit down to the 150 marker where there's a bailout area before the "creek" that feeds the swamp. If you're playing from the blues you basically need to take this route, unless you can banana slice on cue. I play from the whites which allows you to take the aggressive approach, that and when I have tried the conservativ
  8. I sympathize with you OP, at least you had an excuse of who you were with. I still remember going to a golf dome last winter and my iron swings were terrible. I had the VAS at that time so I wasn't really shanking them, but a lot of tops and thins so bad they weren't getting airborne. I was getting so frustrated and angry with myself. I stepped back, took a moment, pulled out the driver just so I could see a ball in the air. Got the brain settled down a bit and went back to the irons. As someone said earlier in the thread, always carry some woods to the range lol.
  9. I wish I could give a legitimate answer but it's usually lost well before it would be damaged enough to retire it. Also helps that I don't mind scuffs, even ones from the cart paths or trees, so the damage has to be REALLY bad.
  10. I don't, I know I'm supposed to play one ball, but I usually don't find a massive difference between balls like you. There are differences when you go from 2 piece surlyn/ionomer balls and 4 piece urethane balls, but I often think that the difference is small enough that it doesn't override the cost for me. However if my numbers with the cut blue hold true, I will become a shill for them without an issue lol.
  11. I think the problem with this ball is the name. It's a top flite, which is widely considered a very hard ball, you add distance to that and people may tend to think that it's going to be harder than a diamond. I know when I was looking at the Hammer line, I went with control because of the placebo effect of having a ball that supposedly limit your curvature off the tee in particular.
  12. I've got several dozen balls available to me, not including the amount of found balls I have. I have 4 dozen of the cut blue, (current favorite for gamer ball) I got 3 dozen Callaway Diablo tour balls that I got for Christmas to have a decent ball that I don't think I'll have too much of an issue losing while my swing gets back in shape once the weather turns here. I've got probably 1.5 boxes of the top flite hammer control, and several other boxes of 12-15 of various balls that I bought on clearance from Wally world. Noodle, Callaway mojo, Srixon marathon, pinnacle soft. Of course
  13. I'm actually ok with my setup (for now, the enthusiast doesn't die, it just lays dormant), so I'd probably spend it on a fitting.
  14. Sound like you don't have some of the options that some do but it is what it is. I personally did the membership at a semi private 9 hole course close to home. Membership is like $600 for anytime access, and I played enough to recoup my investment, and got to play other courses as well. I think going the cheaper route on the 9 hole, especially if the available times work well for you, then sprinkling in some other courses as well.
  15. Happy New Year, my goals this year: practice short game at least twice weekly (once the weather allows) Improve my G.I.R to 33% Maintain my an average of around 2 putts (currently 1.9 but that's with G.I.R. at 26%, so I'd be okay with 2.3 or under)
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