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  1. I feel the same way in regards to putter fittings, but I am most intrigued in what it may reveal about my stroke.
  2. That was something I was thinking about, a driving iron or hybrid wood type club for specifically when it's windy/the driver absolutely is misbehaving.
  3. So, I won the full bag fitting from club champion contest and I'm having my fitting on the 29th. The problem is I actually feel good about my current bag, and my budget is the $1500 from the contest. I originally had a plan of getting wedges custom fit, trying to find a shaft for my driver, looking at a putter and maybe something else for the top of the bag. Problem is, I was reading various threads (dangerous I know) and many have said custom fit wedges on mats are a bad idea. Also, the fact that eventually Cleveland will hopefully be coming out with the CBX zipcore at some point. Also, the only wedge that might need replacing is my 56° sand wedge, so maybe I'll just hold off on wedges and treat myself in the spring next year. I could go irons, but that could be the entire budget and like I've said, I like what I have right now, so maybe look at different shafts for them? Fairway woods/top of the bag, I don't use my 3 wood a whole lot and I'm pretty satisfied with it too, my "5 wood" is one of my favorite clubs to hit, and I'm okay with my 4 and 5 hybrids. Basically the only thing I'm certain on is tweaking my driver, and that will probably be just a shaft, and looking at putters. I am not looking for any specific clubs to try out, just recommendations on strategy/areas to focus on.
  4. As a 17.2 unfortunately I probably need more than just one shot lol. I think with my current game it's a combination of the 15-20 yard chip and/or the dependable putt from 10 feet. My chipping had been very inconsistent lately, so many that the club just goes right under the ball, combine that with my putting not working as well lately and it leads to some disappointing holes.
  5. I'm also having mixed feelings about winter coming in the upper Midwest too. I don't really have another winter hobby like you, but I'm looking forward to using the time to hopefully work on getting my body back to normal. I do have access to a golf dome, so I can get some practice in during the off season. My round count is much lower than last season, part injury, part life and my handicap has ticked up just a little. However my ball striking with the irons has been better lately, I had a round where I had 5/9 GIR and it would have been 6/9 but I had to chip over a bunker on 9 and just a little too strong and rolled out to the fringe. I've also gotten an eagle and had another decent chance at one. I do want to get out there at least once more.
  6. Never same exact club, but I did buy a backup putter and a single 6 iron of my Cleveland 588 mts to have as practice clubs.
  7. I have been a bit of a ball ho this season, I definitely have a preferred ball, the Cut Blue, but I have played pro V1, V1X, chromesoft, Diablo tour, nitro pulsar, vice tour, vice pro soft, hammer control, and many others that were found balls. I'm just too inconsistent to tell the difference between most balls aside from off the putter. I do plan on sticking with the Cut Blue as the primary ball I play, but I don't really have an issue with using other balls.
  8. Hmmm, definitely a tough question for me, all my hybrids are Adams while my 3 wood, irons, a wedge, and the bag itself is Cleveland. For me the setup that would make me say that's cool is the Srixon wood and Adams hybrid.
  9. My bag setup last year had a 4 hybrid, a 4 iron kzg Taylormade burner clone into my 6-AW Cleveland 588 mts. The 6 iron is the loft of a traditional 5 iron so it worked well. Maybe try to do a gapping session to find out if the setup would work.
  10. My home course is also a banquet hall/event center and it hosts many wedding receptions. The 6th hole is the signature hole looking out onto a lake/nature preserve area. A few times wedding parties have gotten pictures take at the top of the hill where the tee box is. I've only run into a group once, but we waited and congratulated them. My worry if a wedding party was taking photos on the green would be damage to the green.
  11. If it outperforms the e12 that would be something, especially after seeing the other thread. I had enough target rewards to get a dozen of the lime green. I really like it myself, I'm not good enough to notice a performance difference between balls unless I'm tracking the round, but it didn't seem short or anything and felt soft but not mushy. I just played 9 holes with a sleeve of the CS, first time I can think of playing with it. I really liked how it felt and it seemed to perform well, but it didn't seem to justify the price difference between my preferred ball the Cut Blue. Part of the problem with my home course is it can be pretty easy to lose balls, especially for someone like me whose swing can change from shot to shot.
  12. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE. Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE. Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Minneapolis, MN 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes, but the demoing multiple different clubs type, not a true custom fitting. 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Most of my bag is self fit, I would love to dial in a shaft for my driver, but I think getting wedges/irons dialed in would be most helpful.
  13. I can't remember if I've played matte white balls. I do know that matte balls tend to show dirt more, so a matte white ball would probably get dirtier quicker than a glossy ball. I think that's why most matte balls tend to be colored
  14. The seat that's probably hottest would be my sand wedge. It's a couple years old now and it gets the majority of work around the green. It still seems to perform okay, but my bag is pretty set. I'm toying around with the idea of a driving iron for windy days, but that's the club ho/tinkerer in me more than anything.
  15. I use a driver on most holes that are par 4 or par 5. Only times I don't are when trouble will come into play with driver, or if I'm experimenting with different strategies. My home course is mostly driver, but I played one course recently that had a short par 4 dogleg right with water short right and long left after the turn. I ended up hitting a nice 5 hybrid over the tree into the middle of the fairway.
  16. Another vote for foot spray here. I don't know if you are close to a Golf Galaxy or Dick's Sporting Goods but they sell a product in their training aid area that is specifically made for the purpose of seeing your impact location. I don't think it's actually foot spray.
  17. 1. Cleveland pitching, gap, and sand wedge, Solus 720 ws 64°. 2. Yes and no. 3. 45/8, 50/10, 56/14, 64/? 64 is the smart sole/Callaway sure out style. 4. PW and DW are the stock Cleveland traction 85 steel, SW is stock TT Cleveland traction wedge flex. Possibly the same. Solus is some uniflex steel. I'm seriously thinking of switching back to the Warrior custom golf 60° lob wedge, the rough at my home course is pretty thick and I'm thinking going back to a lower bounce/loft to help with that.
  18. 91 at pheasant hills in WI. Used one ball the entire round and no mullies. I had some problems on the back 9 focusing/thinking, (all of my rounds this year have been 9 holes) but powered through.
  19. Swing speed 95~ with the driver Handicap 17.2 Preferred ball is the Cut Blue, but also will use Hammer Control and Noodle easy straight, or nearly any found ball. I've been trying the hammer control more lately and it's growing on me a little bit.
  20. I've got plenty of balls, but I've been getting a couple packs here and there just to make sure I have some on hand. It truly is the "science of scarcity" or whatever that saying is with me because I have plenty, especially for now and I'm not against using found balls. I can lose 2-3 pretty easily though so it's just one of those things where I would like to know I've got plenty on hand.
  21. All of the putters I have used have been more of a stainless steel with a little bit of a matte finish on them. I bought a 2nd putter off of eBay for practice, and the head is more glossy than the putter I was using. Nothing ridiculous, but I prefer the more matte one. I got the glossy one regripped and have been using it the past few rounds and been putting very well with it so obviously it doesn't bother me too much.
  22. Good question. I would say $400 for the driver, but that's the absolute max, and I would prefer the $300 range. Irons, I would say probably $300-$400 as well. Fairway wood $125. Wedges are something I would buy new, but I would buy 2-3 years old off of eBay so $100, maybe $200 for a set. Putter is a weird one for me. I paid $10 for mine, liked it enough that I bought another one off eBay for practice for $25 after shipping and tax. The grip on it was disintegrating into my hand, so I got it regripped. Liked the feel of that grip so much that I had my gamer regripped too. I could justify spending $150 on one, but I also feel that the difference isn't that worth it.
  23. I wouldn't exactly like it, but I am not opposed to it. In the examples you listed I would actually complain about the float in the pond to someone, that to me is ruining the natural beauty of the course.
  24. Update, played 7 holes today and didn't get a true par (had a mullie par) so technically up to 24. Although I considered it a practice round, so maybe, I'm still at 17. All I know is, it's been awhile since I had a true par, and I'm not likely to get one next time out since it will be a new course for me.
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