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  1. Looking for Dynamic Gold 4-PW standard length X100’s. PM me what you got!
  2. Message me with what you’ve got!
  3. Looking for a set of standard leather grips. PM me with what you got
  4. Looking for a set of leather grips. PM me what you have and price!
  5. Looking for at least 7 leather grips. Grip master, Best Grips, or other quality brands.
  6. PM me with what you have and price. Any conditions is okay.
  7. Could you tell me where you ordered the dowels and how much? I’m having trouble finding genuine hickory dowels...
  8. I really appreciate the detailed write-up. Loads of good information here, my friend! From my interpretation, you prescribed working on setup and backswing hand depth (these issues are most likely causes of later faults). Would you like to see me stand more upright and further from the ball at address? And what would be a better way of steepening my backswing and keeping my hands more in front of me?
  9. I appreciate the feedback, thank you. So how would you like to see my backswing restructured? I’ve tried to eliminate the flying elbow and keep it more tucked, but I’ve had a lot of difficulty changing that move. I’d love to hear your thoughts!
  10. Hey guys, been having trouble with shutting the face too much in my takeaway. I feel like this shut face makes it difficult to sequence my backswing, hit solid shots, and maintain good arm structure. Could anyone provide feedback on the cause and how to fix this issue? I've attached a slo-no DTL video as a YouTube link. Please let me know if it doesn’t work! Thanks in advance https://youtube.com/shorts/E8L27r0WmTs?feature=share
  11. Just one lot up for sale today. Price includes shipping. All sales are final. Please message me with questions. Lot of 6 PXG grips. Lamkin Z5 Standard. These were pulled off my new irons. They have around 5 rounds on them before I decided to stick with my old grips. I’m asking $43 OBO. Feel free to shoot me an offer if I’m off. Thanks for looking!
  12. Hey everybody! I’m just trying to move a couple of extras I’ve had laying around. Please message me if you have any questions. Prices include priority shipping to the CONUS. All sales are final. OFFERS ARE WELCOME. Discounts for multiples. For the Scotty Cameron’s, I do have a variety of Scotty headcovers laying around if you’d want to discuss including those. 1- Scotty Cameron TeI3 Santa Fe. 34.5 inches. Has Scotty Cameron grip and shaft label. $old 2- Scotty Cameron TeI3 Long Neck Newport 2. 35 inches. Near flawless condition. $old 3- Miura 1957 Forged K-grind wedge set. Matching 52 &
  13. Ordered a set about a week ago. Does anyone know how long the build+shipping time is?
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