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  1. Think I saw him today with a phantom x 5, so he's definitely searching.
  2. looks like DJ put a new TM putter in play on Sunday at the RBC heritage. Looks like an ardmore or something like it with a LAGP shaft. he drilled this put too....
  3. All items are for sale and not trade. Dont hesitate to ask for questions, send offers, or request specific pictures, happy to send them. Jones Trouper in black. Had this for around 5-6 months, but didn't even use it for that long because of a wrist injury. SOLD. Gold Pride Tour Velvet Cord midsize. They're brand new with the plastic on the butt end. 9 Grips total. SOLD Taylormade Flextech stand bag in black. Had and used this for about a year. Still in pretty good condition. SOLD
  4. Haha yeah I can imagine. And yeah I was super surprised to see him using this today. I remember reading an interview where he talked about how he does a ton of testing before any serious equipment switch, and doesn't really like to tinker too much so I wonder how long he's been testing the mallet for.
  5. Noticing that Cantlay switched out of his scotty and into a two ball white hot. Didn't see that coming, but either way its pretty cool. Would love some details on specs and what he's trying to find out of the switch.
  6. Yeah, just saw the LZ's on the broadcast. I wonder if hes playing the 7.0 to maintain the same shaft weight, or in the 6.5.
  7. Appreciate it. Yeah, I had a feeling that was the most comprehensive list I would get, and appreciate your suggestions too!
  8. Appreciate the info about lagp compatibility! Yeah, if im fitted for a single bend and it performs then I'll likely find a new home for the lagp
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