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  1. Oh wow, thats interesting. I'll have to look into this and see what I can figure out. If I get any info I can follow up here.
  2. please let me know! I know for the new hydroblast Soto they used the surylian (probably misspelled that) insert, and I wanted to know if they use it in the mytp because I think those inserts feel great. They’re a bit softer than the previous ones.
  3. any idea what insert they use for the mytp soto/junos?
  4. tightening up that dispersion by making sure my shafts deflect in the right direction! Currently gaming ZX7 w/ x100
  5. I have a few nearby authorized dealers: club champion, UGP LA, or roger dunn. I'm really excited to give this shaft a go. I tried the LAGP shaft and didn't like it (its actually currently on the classifieds). While I liked how stout the shaft was, I felt like it muted the feel. I've heard that fuji has gotten around this and theirs feel great, and I really want to stick this in my putter and gift it a shot. I would love to win the X-firm. I have a pretty quick tempo so I think it would likely be best. I will say though that if its possible, I'd love to get fitted for one before hand so I know whichever one I win is the right one for me. Anyways, thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!
  6. Yeah. To be honest, I really have no idea without being able to measure EI profile. I will say that the shaft feels great, and does feel softer than the XC towards the handle section but feel is subjective so don’t take my word for it.
  7. Figure I’d follow up here. Srixon made my irons wrong…. But I took an off the rack set and measured a 7 iron. Using the USGA method, a 7 iron measured 37.25” to the end of the butt cap. Hope that helps!
  8. Anyone in here have a putter from the midnight 303 series? Im curious to see how the black is holding up over time.
  9. True spec in Beverly Hills uses quintic? I didn't know that. I was there a year ago and we spent more time on the other 13 clubs. My fitter (shaun) quickly took a look at my putter via foresight but not quintic. As a side note - Shaun over there is an excellent fitter. Super knowledgeable and took good care of me. Also a generally cool dude. I also know that Roger Dunn in Santa Ana for sure uses quintic too. around $75 for an hour session, and can gather data from any of the brands they have for sale on the floor. I will say that at Roger Dunn quintic is in the taylormade bay, and he did seem to try and push a spider on me so there may be a stipend for that. If you're adamant on other brands though, they'll let you test anything.
  10. So funny that you guys are saying this. I’ve been searching for a putter (I’m embarrassed to admit how many I’ve bought and sold at this point), and today I was absolutely shocked at how well I was rolling the new hydro blast TP.
  11. may start considering shipping for anyone interested not in the LA area.
  12. Man these are pretty. Super curious to hear about the lofts on the t100, and if they made any adjustments to the loft differences between the t100 and t100s.
  13. I am a danger to society when I am under caffeinated. Thank you lol.
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