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  1. Thanks guys going for a fitting soon enough so I guess I will see how forgiving it is Will probably end up staying with it Haha but who knows
  2. Ya I am in the market for a driving iron and looking at a few GI irons especially the ZX4 4 iron or the ZX 3 utility tiny bit more offset on ZX4 but bend it a degree weaker and they will end up similiar enough so overall very similiar Let me know what you go for if you do buy 1!
  3. Ya I find the same Not very forgiving on the toe side
  4. Have the Cobra F9 and looking to upgrade this year. Just find it really tough to handle. Very spinny on low hits. Anybody still gaming it How has it treated you and will you change it going forward?
  5. Hate the look just do not like how the shaft goes straight into head! I have a slight arc and feel they always open up on the way back and cannot close them going through! Anybody in the same boat?
  6. Being left handed has it's struggles Really want a set with blades from 8 iron up and looking at the Srixon ZX7 for the 4-7 part but cannot get the blade from Srixon so How would using MP-20 or 620MB fit or would it just be wrong?
  7. I wear a small glove aswell or Ladies Large Never tried undersize grips Probably never will because as you said only real grip available is a Tour Velvet and use Tour Velvet Cord!
  8. Do not fancy paying 400 for Scotty Cameron if I go down the route of a blade so What are the cheapest blade putters on the market that do not sacrifice performace just do not have the name on the back of them?
  9. I am buying them online to try them How does yours fit I am afraid being A small in Titleist that mens would be to big so gunna try the womens version first!
  10. Ya I am thinking of going with a ladies one because I am a small in regular men's gloves.
  11. Anybody use these and What are they like? They say they are universal fit!
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