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  1. I agree Taylormade and Titleist are expensive and I am sure getting a combo set would only add to the price I was really looking for a Pre-built combo set like Srixon to keep the price down but might just have to go with a full set and maybe swap out the set wedge for a vokey one The Wilson set also look pure and exactly what I am after
  2. Look class I was fit for KBS Tour 120 Stiff and will definitely be getting in my new irons. How do you find them?
  3. How do you find the shorter irons Size wise are they far off a blade in terms of top line
  4. Nice to know I would like blades in the shorter irons but might end up going full Zx7 or a blended Zx7/Zx5 set
  5. The PXG and Pings are a bit too pricy Definitely interested in the Mizunos only wish the HMB stretch a bit further up the bag Might just go with a full set of Srixon Zx7 as love the look and feel of them
  6. Ya looking at the Mizuno irons and the new Srixon Zx7 Really disappointed Srixon don't offer a blade option to lefty's as they make a nice combo set
  7. I'm the market for a new set but being a lefty has its restrictions Really want a combo set of blades and cavities but can't find anything I like
  8. Looking to buy a new set of Irons(Left handed) and looking at Srixon. Being a lefty very hard to find older models in the right shaft and head so the new model is the only real option. Had a look at the new Zx7 irons and love the look and feel of them but am afraid the topline on the shorter irons is too big so a combo set of blades would be perfect. Also the older blade the Z-forged be mixed with the new Zx7 irons or do I have to wait for a new blade. If they cannot be mixed or have to wait a long time for a new blade might have to look at something like the Mizuno MP-20 SEL irons
  9. Best Players irons at the moment nothing too old Looking to upgrade
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