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  1. In the market for a new net for inside in our spare room which is fortunately big enough to swing in!Being inside I need a net that will hold up as I fear golf balls damaging the wall behind if the net was to rip.What net is in your opinion the strongest on the market.The room is quite big so size should not be a problem.Also,what would be the best material to back up the net like nylon or would ordinary cloth do just as good of job.Any photo of your setup or net would be appreiciated to see what other people are using indoors.Thanks!
  2. Do ya know if it was the Signature
  3. Have you tried the Signature?
  4. What shape did you try?
  5. How do they feel compare to a Superstroke type grip!
  6. Just bought a Grip Master Midsize putter grip to try on my Spider X Anybody have any experience with these and How did you like them?
  7. 1221

    New Putter!

    Just got the new Spider X Hydroblast Quick question Are the weights the same as the normal Spider X putters?
  8. My favourite grip by far Playing in the wet and win of Ireland I always went with a grip with cord not just for the weather but the fell aswell. Have tried all of the Golf Pride corded grips and this one is class No wonder it's so popular on tour. Only problem The Price definetely not cheap by no means So anyone know anywhere in the UK where I can get them for a good deal because spending 150 on my clubs to re-grip them is rough. But Ya What a grip hard to see me ever changing Frustrating I can get Tour Velvets for half the price but sometimes you have to pay for What you like and these are something I think are worth paying for.
  9. Best waterproof stand bag you have had Looking for something on the cheaper side aswell but if I find one I like I would spend the money!
  10. Main difference between the 2 grips above? love a bit of cord in my grip playing in bad conditions but haven't tried the Crossline Cord Z-Grip is solid but would like to try the Crossline Cord
  11. In the market for new irons and kinda wanna go 8-PW blades and something a bit bigger for 7 downwards and these two wilson irons go nicely together anyway have these two irons. How do they compare to irons like ZX7.
  12. Anyone have a Taylormade bag replaced under warranty zip broke on my bag and looking to get it replaced Would this fall under warranty or not aswell.
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