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  1. @Downin1 I just did the fitting, not the online one. It took around 6 weeks to get mine but it was over Christmas and LAB were in the process of moving their production facility. Hopefully it'll be shorter for you. I had been thinking about moving to armlock but I'm glad I didn't. My golf coach said that the DF have done everything an armlock would have done in terms of improving stability - exactly as Sam Hahn from Labgolf had predicted in an email exchange we had.
  2. @DownIn1 I wanted to actually try one out before buying so I opted to get fitted in the UK and ordered through Joel Saunders at Verulam Golf Club. Not sure if that's an option for you? I think there are a couple of other fitters in the UK. I would guess there would be import duties if you ordered direct. I'm very happy with the putter. While I've not used it in a round yet (due to injury) I had a putting lesson recently and my stats on Capto were massively improved from my previous putter. Can't wait to get on the course this weekend (fingers crossed).
  3. I had a lesson (3 hours) with Marcus last August and it was superb. I’m a high handicapper having just over a year of playing time. I’d had some lessons before but my head was filled with swing thoughts and my body very tense. Marcus freed that up and I was hitting draws and fades for the first time after 5 balls and I put over 20 yds on pretty much every club. I’ve had further lessons cancelled due to lockdowns but now booked in for September. I think the next available lessons are October now!! On the course I’m much more confident, am hitting further and actually sha
  4. The line on the grip is not quite vertical when it feels feels that I've soled out. It's the line I'm trying to get vertical so the putter sole is marginally tipped forward. It was mentioned in a previous post by @labgolf. That's assuming I understood what was said accurately.
  5. I'm 4 days into my LAB putter assimilation programme! I've been using Exputt and Blast Motion in conjunction with a mirrored putting gate to help give feedback on my performance. The exputt is fun to use and helps me practice lag putts. In general I am putting better with the DF and getting better "scores" than before but still a way to go. The Exputt is suggesting that my putter path is out to in but my face angle is squarer so my launch is generally only slightly left. I'm not sure how accurate it is as it is slightly inconsistent with my results with the BM and putting gate.
  6. My LAB 2.1 arrived this morning after what seemed an interminable wait (well, 5 weeks!). So I tried it on my putting mat and EXPUTT and with Blast Motion. My findings so far: 1. The roll on the ball is great. So much better than my second hand YES putter. You get what you pay for! 2. It took a little while to dial in distance for long putts on EXPUTT but when I did I was holing some 30/40 footers. The key takeaway being that I was still able to hit far straighter on the longer putts than previously. 3. I had to experiment with set up. In particular ensuring that the base
  7. After watching the Rick Shiels and Peter Finch reviews of the LAB putter I found myself on this forum. A thorough read through of 24 pages (as it was then) and I was sold on the idea. As soon as the UK lockdown was lifted I went for a fitting and have been waiting for the delivery of my DF2.1 - I’m told it’s imminent so hopefully I’ll have it within the week.I’m a high handicapper having taken up the game 18 months ago. I average 2 putts/hole but have had 31 putt rounds (as well as 40+!!!). Even before watching and reading the reviews I could tell that my putter was twisting on the backstroke
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