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  1. My M6 was driver head was cracked. TM sent me a Sim max to replace the M6 head. Fast response,
  2. Cobra Speedzone Xtreme 9 degree matte black head only. Great condition, will include original headcover, 14g weight and wrench. Sold! Taylormade tour preferred CB forged irons, 3-9 iron heads only. Normal wear and tear, no rusting or major damage. I tried to capture the heads with minor dings. But my house is not lit up to be a studio. Sold! pin 9/26
  3. All you guys are nuts, why would he pay for additional ball data? Next time go to the pga superstore, you won’t have to pay for ball or club data.
  4. I did pm gxgolfer after I paid for the ad. thanks,
  5. Who is approving ads on the site now? I paid 10 bucks for a pinned ad, but I haven’t received a response from the mods saying the ad is good to go. I haven’t posted on here since October of 2020. According to the the site instructions I can post because I have over 75 posts. Help please!
  6. Cobra King F6 driver (head only). The head is in good shape, there is a small nick at the toe side of the club head. No sky marks or sandy ball marks on face. The heel and crown is in great shape. The original head cover is included. No wrench or adapter. Sold! Next up is a Diamana ‘ahina 70 x5ct stiff flex shaft. The shaft includes a new Golf Pride plus 4 grip. I am not a professional, but the shaft length with the grip is 44 3/8 inches. No damage or missing markings. Sold! pin 9/5
  7. How much for just the head of the speed zone?
  8. I’m in Texas, but I guess I am late regarding Golfnow prices. I will define try TeeOff.com for now on. thanks NAM2212
  9. I just had a package for to Alaska that was Houston bound. Luckily I received the item in a week.
  10. The Golfnow prices are higher than the actual pro shop prices in my area, unless you’re buying a “hot deal” tee time. For example, last week end the Golfnow price for a course I wanted to play was 59 bucks before fees and taxes. So I went to the course and the price was 49 bucks before taxes, go figure! I remember when Golfnow prices were discounted, but now I do not believe this is the case. Because this is the third time I booked a tee time that was cheaper at the course than on the Golfnow website. I know it’s off topic, but I am not sure if anyone else has noticed this.
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