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  1. What's everyone using for bag setup in terms of clubs? Driver, 3w, Putter in top. 4-8 middle. 9-L bottom. This is my first 3 divider bag.
  2. Love the look of the Tarlows, but like a lower profile sole. Can anyone comment on the heel height on these? Basically the same as normal footjoys?
  3. Titleist Players 4 stadry is my current fav.
  4. Does anyone know a connection to order these? Preferably logo free. Tried the courses around me and no luck.
  5. Check out the evnroll pistol. I have the 92 gram one on a Scotty X5 and to me it’s the exact same as the deep etch but larger. They also have a 72 gram one. No clue on that ones size.
  6. Love these bags. How does the size, storage and club tangle compare to a players 4 bag?
  7. Is the hoofer lite more equivalent to the Titleist players 4 or 4 plus in size?
  8. Current gamer setup is a Tsi3 with a tensei raw white prototype 2.0 65 TX. I'd say the feel of that shaft is fine. Numbers are good, if not a touch spinny. I received a Sim2 head in a warranty situation, so decided to try the ventus shaft and see what the hype is about.
  9. Hey guys. Shaft noob here. Thinking of trying ventus black 6x in my sim 2 and not sure if I should tip it or not. Or go with the 7x. Trackman ss 120-122mph. Fairly smooth transition. thanks.
  10. Called a laser putt. Bryson and a few others have been seen using it too.
  11. I've tried both. The plus is the perfect size for me. I could make the regular 4 work, but in my opinion the extra room of the plus is worth it.
  12. Nice. I really liked the Ole Miss one on their website. But have zero connections to that school. Wish I could remove the screen print somehow.
  13. Any place to buy these in the states?
  14. Was hoping to install a KBS shaft. Guessing the .370 won't fit?
  15. Does anyone know the star bit size for the Toulon weight screws? Want to remove weight and don’t have a weight kit.
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