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  1. Be interesting to see if anyone puts the new X7 into play this week.
  2. Other than a tour truck, any where to get that putter grip?
  3. I'd be excited for these 7 mallets, except I doubt they'll be available in left hand. They look nice tho.
  4. Looks like the same profile as Rickie's mallet he used there for a bit.
  5. 282 grams with no weights. Not sure on the larger pistolini. I use the original pistolini which comes in at 80. So larger one is prolly around 85 ish. Someone may know better on that.
  6. Feels like someone deleted some posts in this thread..........
  7. Had this happen to one of mine. Emailed superstroke and they suggested I gorilla glue it. I had already cut it off, so they sent me a replacement. Now I'm just super careful when tightening that.
  8. Thanks. I received the couple I ordered and really like these grips. Really fit in my hands well. Surprised these don't get more love.
  9. Thanks trying2scratch. Good description. It being plain black was a big selling point for me too. Not a fan of all the flashy designs. And yeah, pics would be helpful.
  10. That’s a great help. Thanks achappy.
  11. Thanks. My putter length is on the longer side anyways, so a heavier grip would help me bring down the swing weight anyways. I think I'll order a couple and give em a try. I currently use a Superstroke GT Tour or a ping PP58 midsize grip. Any clue as to how that compares size wise?
  12. Has anyone used one of these putter grips before? Saw them on golfworks.com and curious on the size/feel of them. Under $5 seems pretty cheap.
  13. If you buy a new PP58 midsize, will it now be the larger one? I’d like to find one somewhere.
  14. Bastain Milled did mine and did a fantastic job. Quick turnaround too.
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