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  1. Get yourself an older model Callaway tour issue driver head. They can be found online. I have a rogue that's 57.5 in a standard setting. If you get yourself a tour hosel, you can get it down to roughly 54.5. If you need flatter than that, not sure I can think of anything.
  2. Would love to pick up a set of these. They should have released these mass market.
  3. Wilshire is the more accessible of the two clubs you've mentioned. Los Angeles country club will take quite a bit of time to meet members and get the required letters in order to join. I would say at least 5 years and that's if you already know some members at the club. The club is quite right lipped about joining and it's been that way for quite some time. Other clubs in LA were created from people not being able to join there. Wilshire has a process as well but not quite as stringent. Again you'll need letters and you'll need to ingratiate yourself with the membership. I suggest you get the process started if those are the places your looking.
  4. Yes, unfortunately I have played it. I was hoping for something amazing giving the amount of time they were shut down but it was still very underwhelming. The piece of land is just too severe for a golf course. The side slopes make it almost impossible to hit a fairway. I'll wait to judge the green complexes fully until the course has more time to mature. Overall I think they're going to continue to struggle to get members at the price they're asking but hey what do I know.
  5. They both reciprocate depending on your club. I think I remember the Bridges being in the 300 range and the Farms 250. But those aren't exact.
  6. Most do. Your still going to have to go thru a thorough process to get in. The only difference will be limited rounds and decreased pricing. Some of the top clubs don't need to since a lot of their members are not really local to begin with.
  7. The wait list for a junior at Rolling Hills isn't terrible. I'm not sure how long it would be before you have to pony up the 175k for the full membership. You also need to make sure it's a place that your going to feel comfortable. You need to like the course but also the membership and the facilities. Also, not sure you want to make the drive from Southbay to Santa Monica every day for work.
  8. The drive to Rolling Hills would absolutely be awful.
  9. I believe their junior is around 25k and half dues so maybe 600. I'm not sure what their junior wait list looks like. Reach out to Pich (pronounced Peach), as he is part of their membership group there. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in LA to play. Very Bandon like with great practice facilities and an entirely new clubhouse. The whole place is pretty good.
  10. Rolling Hills is definitely fantastic. Their junior program is full right now but they're national and full membership are available. The drive might make you kill yourself from Santa Monica tho.
  11. Schley is spot on. All of these are very important. 25k is very high as well. You can get a great place for 1/4 of that a year.
  12. A couple questions.... Are you willing to go thru a process to join? Also are you looking for somewhere to go opposite your golf season in Michigan? Many clubs have national memberships that are affordable. Philly Cricket, Merion, Prarie Dunes, Sherwood CC, Baltasrol, and many others. Just really depends on what your looking for.
  13. Lakeside is one of my favorite clubs in all of LA. Great membership and great golf course. It's around 60k right now for a full membership but it is not easy to get into. It's going to take some effort to meet the members, get letters, etc. You will also have a waiting period after all of that is done. El Caballero is a good spot as well. For your budget, it might be a great way to go. El Cab has decent practice facilities, good clubhouse, pretty good food, and a solid golf course. I played us open sectionals out there a couple of times. I personally wouldn't do mountain gate but I can understand with cost restrictions and proximity.
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