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  1. I had a U500 4iron in the bag prior......This was better then my 4 iron from my set but still not quite what I am looking for consistency wise
  2. 22* would be 1/2 inch short shaft wise and 5 iron T100s is 24*
  3. Okay so here is a question to pose in regards to this driver, I am currently playing the GD AD XC 6X in the driver, would the ventus black spin less and launch lower then this shaft? allowing me to play the 8 at 8.75 and not lose distance?
  4. I like the adjustability of the G410 for different courses, Tour edge had that I may be willing to try it but not worth the price without knowing. I played the G410 prior so I know I love the feeling and performance of those.
  5. Thank you everyone! I am leaning towards TSI2 13.5* 3 wood, 17* G410 hybrid up and then 22*G410Hybrid. then to my5iron T100s.
  6. That is exactly my assessment the only thing I see as a negative is punch out shots and working punch shots but I could just use 5 iron for those. That is me 100% on the 215-220 shots trying to manufacture shots with my 3 hybrid. Just want to see how many plus caps like myself have done it and their results! Thank you for your feedback!
  7. Okay working on the bag for 2021 and have been debating the switch from 4 iron to hybrid. I swing the 7 iron at 98ish and driver 115ish. I struggle with 4 iron so bad but LOVE my G410 hybrid and my SLDR hybrid before that. I am curious what I am losing out on by going 4H and starting t100s 5-pw This would mean 3 wood, 18*Hybrid and then 22* hybrid and then 5 iron strong. What are peoples thoughts on this for a +2 HDC. Thank you!
  8. So instead of .75 loft change I could do .50?
  9. Can anyone tell me what a Tour sleeve will do different then the normal TM sleeve on these shafts?
  10. Current setting is upright one click lower. So yes I have. I shot 63 with it and got to lowest hdc ever of +4 this summer with it but was still baby fades to cuts not able to turn it over. Which for how steep and neutral I am is tough to turn it over.
  11. TSI is on the list but I was fitted into my SIM and do love it just prefer working it both directions as a +cap as well. Have played TM drivers for past 6-7 years with nothing able to push them out.Nothing was better then the SIM in Feb. when I was fitted except ST200 which i hated the look of and numbers were so similar it wasn't worth it to me.
  12. I am the opposite which is the issue, I am extremely steep and spin the ball way too much. I need the lower loft to keep spin down. and just prefer the face being closed at address but when doing that the ball gets too high and spins too much. The ball flight is much better direction wise when it is turned up in loft but lose distance due to spin and launch. I play a GD XC 6X currently for a shaft and love the soft feel of it.
  13. I am looking for a tour SIM as low of loft as possible. Thank you!
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