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  1. Rocket 3 wood has GD TOUR AD HD (Baby blue/White Pearl) 7tx SOLD Also have a GD TOUR AD HD Driver shaft with Taylormade tip 6TX $250OBO with SIM 8* head $400 MAKE A OFFER I NEED IT GONE ASAP FOR HOUSE RENOVATIONS Shaft is have baby blue, black and white Mid size NDMC grips
  2. Here are my Irons for sale 5-pw Miura TC-201 with MMT 125tx shafts. They were custom built by a user on this site. They have custom BB&F Co Ferrules with Multi compound mid-size black and white grips. $1500 or make an offer, No trades. I have around 3k into these with the MMTs. Also my 4 iron hybrid which is a Sim 2 22* with GOST x stiff shaft. The shaft alone was 300 and club new was over 600. I am going to a traditional 4 iron because I just hit this too far to go into my set. Has a lamkin grip (mid-size) on it currently. There is on scratch on the top of the head it is a surface scratch I tried to get it in the picture but it doesnt show up in the picture because it is not that deep of a cut. You cannot see the scratch from address. $200
  3. I had a U500 4iron in the bag prior......This was better then my 4 iron from my set but still not quite what I am looking for consistency wise
  4. 22* would be 1/2 inch short shaft wise and 5 iron T100s is 24*
  5. Okay so here is a question to pose in regards to this driver, I am currently playing the GD AD XC 6X in the driver, would the ventus black spin less and launch lower then this shaft? allowing me to play the 8 at 8.75 and not lose distance?
  6. I like the adjustability of the G410 for different courses, Tour edge had that I may be willing to try it but not worth the price without knowing. I played the G410 prior so I know I love the feeling and performance of those.
  7. Thank you everyone! I am leaning towards TSI2 13.5* 3 wood, 17* G410 hybrid up and then 22*G410Hybrid. then to my5iron T100s.
  8. That is exactly my assessment the only thing I see as a negative is punch out shots and working punch shots but I could just use 5 iron for those. That is me 100% on the 215-220 shots trying to manufacture shots with my 3 hybrid. Just want to see how many plus caps like myself have done it and their results! Thank you for your feedback!
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