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  1. Anyone done a Stay and Play there recently? Our group is looking there this year. We keep hearing great reviews. We have been to Prairie Club and Arcadia Bluffs/Forest Dunes the last 2 years. Both were incredible.
  2. I think we are going to fly in on Wednesday and drive over to Arcadia. Play the Bluffs course that afternoon and spend the night there. Play 18 more in the morning and then drive over to FD. Play there that afternoon, Friday/Sat and head back home on Sunday.
  3. Good info. We will play 18 on Wednesday afternoon and then 36 a day (plus whatever else we can get in).
  4. We usually arrive on a Wednesday afternoon and leave on Sunday. Play as much golf and drink as much beer in between. The original plan was to go to Forest Dunes but when I realized how close we were to Arcadia it made me start second guessing our plan.
  5. Great info. We have heard great things about both.
  6. Planning a trip in June and need info on both courses. I have read all of the reviews online but I’d like to hear which course most people would choose if they could only play one.
  7. Planning a buddies trip and need info on both. If you could only play one, which course would it be and why?
  8. Planning a buddies trip in June and looking for any info on both courses. If you could only play one, which one would it be?
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