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  1. Thanks for all your input, guys! I went with the F8+ from my friend. Will have a few different shaft options to choose from after testing. Got it for approx $135 so it felt like a good deal :)
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking to update my driver and buy a nice 2-5 year old model. Don't have the budget to buy anything 2019-2020, unfortunately. My current gamers are an old Mizuno MP-600 10,5 with an Aldila VooDoo RVS6 in it (love that shaft), and a Callaway Ft-IQ 9,5 Tour with their 60g Fubuki in stiff. The challenge I'm having is that I swing the club around 97-102 mph, getting around 146-150 mph ballspeed, so decent smash factor. I'm swinging up into the ball with around 4-6 degrees positive attack angle and quite a bit from the inside and out. Spin numbers are around 2000-2500, with a bad hit
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