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  1. So it looks like the boys I play with apply the MLR E-5 rule. Thanks to all for posting. As you can see I am/was confused.
  2. What am I talking about? Drive goes into red OB: Determine the line it crossed, drop my ball on that line no closer to the hole. 2 stroke penalty, now hitting 4. If I hit a provisional and am 100% sure my first drive is gone, where the provisional landed in my 3rd shot. What if I hit an approach shot into OB? Same thing? Find the line of entry and drop on that line? What if I overshoot the green into OB?
  3. It looks like red OB is a 2 stroke penalty no matter what, if I use the stroke-and-distance relief method. Off the tee if I hit a provisional and use it, then where it landed is my 3rd stroke. For inter-club matches for amateurs (weekend warriors), does the Model Local Rule E-5 ever come into play?
  4. If I understand, I pull one left into the woods but that that far. If I have the confidence to split the fairway, go for it and my next shot off the fairway will be hitting 4. If I am not feel confident and don't want to risk it, I find the point it crossed into OB and apply the stroke-distance rule. But I'm still hitting 4 from there, right? Then I need to know, on the next I I drive into the fairway, have 150 left into the green and I put that shot into red OB. I'll find the point it crossed and drop one not closer to the hole but what is my penalty? 1 or 2 strokes. What if I put
  5. Hi Guys, Between reading the USGA rules and what my buddy's tell me, I need some clarification on what my options are for hitting into OB off the tee and not off the tee. Off the tee: 2 stoke penalty? Is it better to drop at the point it crossed OB or hit a second ball off the tee. In both cases am hitting 4 from both spots? Not off the tee: I'm ok with dropping on the line it crossed into OB and not closer to the hole. Is it 1 or a 2 stroke penalty? I have to warn you I have a headache from reading the rules so please d
  6. Thanks. I'll get cracking out there and be ready.
  7. I have a few acres at home and was going to measure out 100 yards to hit wedge shots off a mat. I pull out my 100 feet tape and holy smokes is 300 ft far compared to my visual of what 100 yards is on the course. Give it to me straight, is 100 yards on a golf course really 300 feet? And please no "duh" comments.
  8. Next is to enroll in high school math. Thanks to you all!
  9. Has this ever been a humbling experience for me. Final question of the night. 17th hole and I have zero HC strokes for this hole. Par 4 and I triple it. Par + double bogey?
  10. I think we're getting there. What happens if I triple any holes between 1-16? Would that get adjusted to a double?
  11. What happens if I Triple on 1-16? Is my gross adjusted to Double?
  12. Just when I thought I understood it all. Now I'm really confused. Let's say I shoot 95. My handicap is 15 and the course rating/slope/par gives me 16 strokes. Hole 1 Par 4 (rated 1) I score 8, net score is 7 and so is my gross score (7)? Let's move to the 18th Par 5 (ranked 18). I score a 8. I don't have any strokes on that hole. Net is 8. Is my gross 7?
  13. I understand. I have 10 strokes on this course. I use them on the 10 highest ranked holes or if I don't need them on all 10 highest ranked holes, and I still have some strokes in the bank, I could use a stroke on the 11th ranked and up. But once I use all 10, the most I can post per hole in double bogey? in other words, if I used my 10 strokes and on the par 5 18th hole (which is ranked 18) I get an 8. Do I log a 7 or 8?
  14. So after we use all our allotted strokes for the course, we would log a double bogey max if we got a 7 on the par 4 12th?
  15. Right! He would get, let's say, 1 stroke on the 10 hardest holes. But if he triples the 12th hardest how does it work. Just trying to understand the whole thing.
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