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  1. LFor sale is a set of irons I used 10 rounds and practice sessions. Still almost new and haven’t been hit in over a year. Just sitting in my office. All my clubs get made at sellingers in Dallas and all professionally built. The only difference is I put tour velvet grips on which is what is in now. Sold
  2. What’s a good sock? I leave Thursday so anything I can buy at pga store
  3. I tried on Ecco today at the store and they are fairly narrow. Not good for taller people.
  4. Lots of our group are buying hoka or On shoes? Any insight about what you have or what worked for walking a thousand holes at bandon?
  5. They don’t look like there is much support.
  6. Trying to get all my stuff sorted and I’ve been told the On and Hoka shoes are the best out there. Lots of folks have them at our club and swear by both. We are obviously walking a ton of holes and will be good golf anywhere so just trying to get some guidance.
  7. About half of us haven’t been so I’m pumped. We can exchange info and for sure have a drink. Maybe a Texas v Kentucky prop bet!
  8. We have 16 guys coming from Four Seasons Dallas and Chenal (Arky) coming July 2-7 Will be down for some drinks and meeting wrx’ers!
  9. Sorry for the question but cannot find it on their site and need to order some kbs shafts. Are the pxg .355 or .370?
  10. Great. A user on here dm’ed me about being a dealer but is extremely vague and spells words wrong. Seems like a scam.
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