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  1. PXG Gen 3 Irons (3-G) 3Iron is XF 4,5,6,7 in the P 8-GW in the T KBS- TGI 95 in Black $1200 This is truly a unique set of irons built for me. I am 6’4 so this plays very well for the taller player. I have them 1.5 to 2 inches long and 2 degrees upright. If you need to cut them up, just ask and we can work something out. PW is measured at 37. 7 iron measures 39. If you want more pics, just LMK and I will text them over. Driver- $400
  2. Pass has lot’s of tee options (5 I think) plus I think I saw Junior Tees in there. Dont skip out on the course, it’s a gem.
  3. I’ve heard a lot about it from buddies who played college golf and it went beyond expectations. 1 is a bear, 10 was crazy, 16-18 are incredible. Almost aced 18 with a little knock down 7 iron to a foot. Very cool experience.
  4. cp was truly beautiful. I’ve never been to the MP so I just took it in. The ocean holes were nice, but I’ve played a lot of ocean holes. The inland holes were unreal. True shot to shot golf. Number 18 is a bad hole and didn’t enjoy that finish. pasa was so relaxing. Old school right in front of you course. Love his design here and it was the type of course I could play every single day.
  5. Both incredible and as advertised. Happy to answer any questions.
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