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  1. Preferably in 9-10* loft range, stiff shaft. Hopefully someone has one that's lightly used that maybe they just didn't get along with
  2. Trying to help out my brother in law who is ready to buy one at retail from his buddy at Edwin Watts. Told him to give me a couple days to see what I could try and find for him. The model he tested the best with was a G425 Max 10.5* w/ MSI Rogue 130 70G shaft. Just trying to see if anyone has anything out there. Driver head only is fine as well.
  3. Delete. Reposting in correct forum.
  4. Great price, GLWS! Just picked up a 2021 5.5 from a member on here earlier today
  5. Picked these up from another member less than two weeks ago off here. They are +1.5" in length and 1* upright. I ordered 7 new Winn Dri-Tac grips (midsize navy blue) that will be included for free. I planned to trim them down a bit and regrip, but just went a different direction. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts. I paid $675 for the irons and $50 for the grips just two weeks ago, so I feel like $SOLD OBO shipped is pretty fair. Even at $SOLD plus $12.99 shipping, they're currently the cheapest Buy It Now set of 718 AP2s listed on eBay. Will sell just the irons without the new grips if prefe
  6. Love the look of the ADGs, but the first time I wore them was in a league tournament, and that plastic piece on the back of the heel ate up the back of my right ankle within two holes. I ended up folding a glove and stuffing it in there to avoid it making contact. I guess I just had too low cut socks? Lol
  7. Looking for 8-10* of bounce, RH. Standard WedgeFlex shaft. New or used in good condition. Found. Mods please close it out.
  8. Love the guarantee fine print lol. Surely there's a Tennessee Vols fan out there that will snatch this one up
  9. Recently picked up a 15* Epic Speed 3 wood off here as well as an 18* Mavrik 5 wood but the Mavrik creates a gapping issue for me. Looking for an Epic Speed 7 wood or perhaps a Heavenwood with stiff shaft. FOUND. Mods please close this one out.
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