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  1. Hit 2 shockers in R1, missed 3 footers that were terrible strokes, the first one even a 25 'cap club member would be embarrassed by. Check this out as to her history with yips: https://fivethirtyeight.com/videos/this-technique-helped-an-olympic-golfer-overcome-the-yips-and-it-can-help-you-focus-too/ No wonder she doesn't win events on the LPGA with a stroke under pressure like that (sorry Alena, just commenting on your putting, nothing else).
  2. Sorry dude, neither and you're going down a dead end with your thinking. I don't wish to torment you so I will give you one very easy clue....which category of sisters always seem to have an extra close relationship (and everyone, this isn't heading off in some unsavoury direction, just to be clear)?
  3. They talked about relationships between competitors and their sisters.
  4. @KBong...note the clue to my dastardly Brooke plan was given today by the Ali team commentators.
  5. It's cool, I got the reference, I was watching when she made the comment but it didn't register with me but when I read your comment af ew pages back I thought WTH, how could she muck that up? In my experience, she's usually good on her facts. Her and the guys commentated non stop throughout the total day's coverage, no tag team (I think, I was absent for 2 hours at my driving range). Really fine effort IMO.
  6. Now to some really serious stuff... Picking up the Asian coverage in Oz with Ali et al on commentary and like @Argonne69 has mentioned re the visuals they are good, nice variety of players covered. IMO I like Ali's commentary generally and I think that she, Tony et al are doing a decent job in filling out some background info on players. Duke is getting some nice PR. So Brooke with Brittany on her bag tees off on the first hole. No mention of Brittany. What? Can it really be? Please let it be, please give my PTSD related to this issue a rest. But like a fart
  7. I'm sorry for your loss. I practice a minimum of 100 putts per day and I'm still crap (not really, I'm a giant amongst putters ha ha). Alena Sharp is worse. Michelle Wiesy North West is even more so.
  8. Yeah, agree on the rain impact - I hope not. Today's viewing reconfirmed how crappy Lexi and even Brooke are on the greens. Like a salesperson that can't close.
  9. Channelling some Nancy Drew now...is Charley Hull the same woman as Georgia Hall? Maybe they use mirrors and CGI to make them appear to be in the same proximity? They are always within a stroke or two of each other in seemingly every tournament. They're English. They both declined Olympic selection. Hull....Hall, only one letter different....the female golfer version of Sal Bass of Seinfeld? It's like they're interchangeable, maybe they're Brooke/Brittany? (God no, help me). Maybe they're a poor woman's not quite Superperson/Clarkette Kent?
  10. If this goes full 4 rounds, the better putters will move up the leaderboard - awesome bent greens, firm with slopes, the more the best putt on them, the easier they will get for them...remember The Evian (Alamo ha ha). Therefore, In Bee the winner for me, a few others will rise eg Leona. Did you see that approach from In Bee that went in then some how came out? In Bee became Out Bee.
  11. Great post, really interesting to compare golf customs in different countries. I don't mind a hot dog, but give me that any day.....mmm wasabi!
  12. Sensational work, Jungle, and great edit adding the extra two videos! Our regular North American posters will wonder WTH this stuff is all about when they log back in. No way is Kettering a Brummie accent (it may be even worse ha ha). Amazing that there are so many different accents within a few miles of each other eg Brummie adjacent to the Black 'Country' region (US folks, for clarity, Black Country isn't skin-color/ racist related, the name derives from the heavy soot pollution there from industrialisation of the 1800's) and they are quite distinct, but I suppose you cross a cou
  13. Well, it is their language. But fear not as not every Brit ex-golfer will be up for a commentary gig, there's absolutely no hope for Charley Hull with her regional English midlands dialect (note to Grant Boone, she is not from London) and her speech speed. Some of the American's she gets paired with must think WTF is she gibbering on about and just smile and nod at her.
  14. I'm a practical man so I'd take the Players Championship. As a journeyman pro who might have a short time on the PGA Tour and not planning on ending up living in my vehicle, it's just too much to forego. Of course also great golf industry cred. If I was less practical and enamoured with the Olympic ideal and not worried about living in my vehicle, I'd take the Olympic Gold. Great global cred with almost everyone but funnily enough, maybe not so much in the golf industry.
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