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  1. Had a 14+ and a 20+ and played them off and on for 15 years - sold them last year. The original low profile fairway...here's my 14+
  2. You're welcome. This forum is such a positive experience with generally good personal conduct and golfers helping other golfers, informative, enjoyable and a contrast to so much toxic social medial. Makes you want to contribute.
  3. @bnperrone I think that this is the article (wish I'd booked mark my reference a few months back):https://www.golfdigest.com/story/titleist-t100s-irons-provide-a-distance-option-for-better-players The TXG guys cover it in more detail in this video - watch it all the way through as they go into weight distribution towards the end of the video.
  4. I'll see if I can find it. I read it a few months back when a buddy of mine was considering getting the T100-s. Before reading that I'd just assumed they were a loft jacked T100.
  5. Ive read a least one review from a respected public source that stated that the T100-s may look the same as the T100 but has significant design and composition differences as per Pepperturbo's input - their conclusion: basically a different club.
  6. MMTs aren't cheap, are they? Are you buying the clubs from the fitter?
  7. Guys, how many of you are (still) playing the F8 3/4 fairway (or a later Cobra fairway) with the Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 70 shaft? I have just acquired this club, love the head but just a little worried that the shaft (I have it in S flex) is a little loose for me. I have an Aldila Tour Blue 85 shaft in S flex that I am tossing up as being a better fit for me, I find it maybe just a shade heavy for me but it is a little less loose. I also have the XCaliber shaft in my sig which is my go to. Torque is 3.9 (NV) vs 3.0 (Tour Blue). Driver SS is 105mph but I have a very quick t
  8. Some things in golf are 'old wives tales' that have been de-bunked with the advent of modern technology to determine what really happens in a golf swing. Just experiment - I did. I have a hand size that puts me into standard size grips but I've never felt totally secure with my top hand with these and I can also over-draw my shots, so I put a selection of Bryson JumboMax M size/Feel Reverse taper/Winn mid-size grips on a selection of clubs from driver to wedges to test. End result is I love the JumboMax's on my higher lofted wedges for partial shots, especially chipping (calmer han
  9. Isn't a heavier grip just 'fooling' the swing weight scale, though? Wasn't the swing weight scale developed based on a 50 gram grip weight? Shouldn't you test your club build with a standard 50 gram grip to see what it swing weight's out to and ignore the swing weight measurement from a much heavier grip?
  10. I went looking for this and came up with what I have in my sig..Cobra Fly Z 3/4 wood that you can set between 13-16 deg. 181cc head for tee confidence but low enough profile to hit comfortably off the deck. Definitely a larger footprint 3 wood vs a mini driver. It's not easy finding much decent 2nd hand at present but even so, you won't pay a fortune for one of these when they do become available in decent condition.
  11. I can see that you may have an answer with your new WS CB 4I but you could bend the 785 a degree or two strong, get more distance and reduce the impact of the V sole with a shallow AoA. Will reduce offset with that as well (if that is useful for you). Just a thought.
  12. Looks like you are on the right track. The 950 is such a good shaft, particularly if you also like a touch more height in your shots. Whilst all the 'DST' shafts are tweaked for Srixon, I have been really pleased how the 950GH DST S plays in my 565 6I.
  13. Will be interesting to see how you like your new shafts. I expect success. I also have 355's in 4 and 6 irons with 950 DST stiff shafts. Liked that combo and what got me into my 565's. Like you I enjoy experimenting with clubs and also do my own hobby fitting. Try this as an online swingweight estimator: http://www.leaderboard.com/SWINGWEIGHT
  14. I've spent 30 mins searching here and the wider internet for this info but with no luck. Can anyone give me the lie angle spec for the topic club? I suspect maybe 57 or 57.5 deg. Any help appreciated.
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