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  1. Further info: Australian Open: Unvaccinated players 'unlikely' to be allowed to compete Players who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 are unlikely to be allowed into the country for the Australian Open, says the leader of the state in which the tournament is held. https://www.bbc.com/sport/tennis/58964622 Bye Bye Novak. Back to golf.... @fredogolfer "They might as well cancel the Vic Open. No point in flying across the world for the smallest “full field” purse." The no vaccine no play stance will also impact the field. Cancellation highly likely. Oz will be a dogs breakfast for sporting events in 2022H1....April's Melbourne Grand Prix, what about any unvaccinated drivers considering the Oz tennis open as noted above?
  2. It is scheduled for January 17-30, 2022. Melbourne is coming out of lockdown in staged process from later this month that I expect will stretch into early next year before returning normal/complete (or close to) freedom of movements, eg things like masks may still be required in some circumstances. I doubt that it will be cancelled but the strength of the field will be largely determined by a weakening of quarantine regs, currently 14 days in isolation facilities, the players last year hated that. Should have plenty of fans allowed by then, maybe not 100% capacity but 100% still possible. I'd rate it at 70% going ahead with acceptable quarantine arrangements and enough fans for a decent tournament.
  3. Your last sentence So Cheyenne thanked you for standing on Greg's ball?....only joking. Subtlety is a great description of Kooie, I think that brings out the best in the best. I've always found it a really enjoyable test of good golf. Royal Melbourne shares that subtlety and wider fairways as you can drive it to certain spots in the fairway and based on pin positions have problems even just making par with a mid iron in. I was a member of Grange, have played all the main Adelaide clubs/courses many times....Royal Adelaide is close to my favourite course, golfing heaven. Glenelg was also good but haven't played it for some years and know it has been remodelled. Adelaide is seriously under-rated as a golfing destination but so many great choices in Oz.
  4. Absolutely and so disappointing, love the women's/men's format. Are you a Kooyonga fan (you're in Adelaide, yes)?
  5. As expected, due to the mess in Australia over covid quarantine arrangements for overseas in-bound travellers, the Women's Australian Open has been cancelled (not postponed) for 2022. It was set for Kooyonga Golf Club in Adelaide in February 2022. The intent is to resume the playing of this event in early 2023. Looks as though Kooyonga is still keen to hold it which is good news, Kooyonga is a fantastic course and will be an excellent course for a women's open - it is not a brute length wise but nicely strategic and has challenging approach shots. Greens can be made quick. Terrific bunkering (reddish sand!). Very traditional Oz style of course. I lived in Adelaide and have played it numerous times, its a beauty! The men's 2021 Australian Open is also cancelled. It was originally scheduled for Nov. 25-28 at The Australian Golf Club in Sydney but was postponed until early 2022. The intent is to resume the playing of this event in late 2022. Some reaction: https://www.news.com.au/sport/golf/cameron-smith-adam-scott-among-aussies-upset-national-open-has-been-abandoned-again/news-story/1017a662bc2f2514b695cfb0bd70443d May still be some hope for the Victorian Open to be played (the combined women's and men's event): "Golf Australia still intended to run the men’s and women’s Vic Open at 13th Beach on the Bellarine Peninsula from 10-13 February, albeit without international Tour sanctioning". https://www.golfaustralia.com.au/news/mens-and-womens-australian-opens-cancelled-571262 Naturally I hope the Vic Open does go ahead, love the event format and venue. With the covid mess here though and if no international sanctioning I am very doubtful.
  6. But what about Brittany Henderson? Does the new 48" rule mean shorter flagsticks for her to point at whatever spot on greens? Gotta keep it fair ya know.
  7. The 760's look like someone decided that shiplap cladding would be nice on the back of irons....argh.
  8. I skip the 5 iron. Play my 6I at + 1/4 inch and weakened my 4I by 1 degree, gives me carry gapping of 12 yards between each of 4I - 6I- 7I. Don't have a problem with 6I lie with the slightly lengthened shaft. Find my carry gapping easy enough to manage. Frees up a slot in my bag.
  9. Op, exactly this: what you like about the ZX5's (easy to hit/forgiving) minus what you don't like (jacked up lofts/too long). You really should demo these.
  10. The BMW player cancellations will be interesting to see; seeing that it is the only LPGA event between now and the Pelican in a month's time (then the CME), players will have a difficult choice about how best they prepare. Go to Korea for one event? Stay home and rest and/or practice?
  11. I expect that there will be quite a few players that will follow suit.
  12. Didn't enjoy the coverage on the weekend, something seemed off......I know what it was - no Brittany Henderson. As she normally gets the most coverage of anyone on the course, its no wonder. I think the LPGA missed a trick here - they should have had coverage of the wedding that Brittany was attending in Lake Nona and cut across to that instead of covering the interminable 2 minutes that Brooke, Lexi etc take in lining up all their putts. A few of the players that trunk slammed have residences in Lake Nona, don't they? Could have scored them invites to the wedding and you would have seen a greater variety of golfers there than playing the tournament. Brittany could have taken one of Brooke's bags with her and used a flagstick to point out undulations down the aisle so that the bride didn't trip up.
  13. Poppy's pond? Just watch that Seinfeld episode:
  14. Is that really Brittany on Brooke's bag? You'd hardly know, the commentators never mention it.
  15. Described so much more succinctly than I did
  16. Fog delayed the first round start so looks like they ran out of daylight to complete the later rounds.
  17. Sorry, I won't do that - I am a long standing software industry exec and any software developer is entitled to control of the distribution of their IP. The download link on their website isn't broken in any case, the developer is requesting your details before providing you with a download link, so fill out the form and give it a go, it may be approved based on the reason you have given. Good luck.
  18. I just don't like someone acting as a defacto thread moderator trying to impose their will on an open forum. We have proper forum moderators who do that job, let them do it. We all have different viewpoints, senses of humour etc, some of these appeal to various people, some don't. C'est la vie (you Canadians may like that French phrase). For me, I like to exchange viewpoints and information and have a little fun along the way. Sometimes just my opinions, sometimes tech info as in other areas of this forum.
  19. Careful, you're using the P word again. You'll have to deal with this:
  20. Or Phillip McClelland O'Grady
  21. Sounds good. I like your milling idea, the original milling is shallow. BTW, out of the box The Bean's swing weight was D6.8 due to the counter balancing, with my grip replacement it's swing weight's now at E6.8. It really is firm, I got delivered a Bucktown yesterday and although a bigger head than The Bean, the lack of mass in the centre behind the blade gives it a softer feel. The Bean's firmness does seem to have the ball coming off the face faster, that takes some adjustment. However, someone said on here that you should always hit 1,000 putts to really get used to a putter and the more I putt with The Bean, the more I can tolerate and adjusting to the feel and pace, so give it enough time and practice. Would be interested for you to post a few pics of your putter after the modifications.
  22. Can't help with your question, but good luck with your artisan putter, cool. This character thinks so, too:
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