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  1. I agree with you. I think lie angle has a bigger effect on accuracy with woods than people give it credit for...many of the tour drivers (Callaway triple diamond) on tour are very flat lie angles because they hate the left miss.
  2. Ping g400 max... I've noticed toe sits very high so I've tweaked moving my hands higher at address to get the toe more flush and have been hitting it absurdly better since then...so I really feel lie angle matters even with woods...in my experience at least lol also stumbled upon this video and thought this was interesting...didn't know you could adjust lie angle on the g400 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz7hFTZ4WgQ
  3. So I’ve noticed that when I’ve used a club/wood with a higher lie angle I tend to pull-draw wayyyy more. So Am I correct in that lie angle is causing that and I should look for woods with flatter lie angles like the cally sub zeros? (56 lie angle compared to most OEM's which are 58 or higher)
  4. I have a DI-95x in my G410 and that didn't work any better than the stock aldila rogue 85x in my callaway apex...also the callaway apex has the flattest lie angle any least draw bias of any hybrid so only thing I haven't tried is a steel shaft so it's worth a shot
  5. I honestly don't care about a bit of a distance loss I want better dispersion that's my only want so it's worth a shot and we'll see what happens!
  6. https://www.golfwrx.com/523982/hooking-your-hybrid-too-much-heres-why-the-shaft-could-be-the-problem/ I understand what your saying but many hybrid players have this suspicious miss with ONLY their hybrid so IMO it's worth a shot
  7. So I’ve hit 3 hybrids (PING G410, Callaway apex, and Titleist 816) all with 3 heavier, x-stiff shafts and can still sneak a hookish miss out there too often for my liking when I don’t with any other club...I read about steel shaft in a hybrid can really help square up the hook miss so just bought a KBS hybrid shaft on eBay to finally give it a shot! Anybody with experience of steel shaft in a hybrid?? Webb Simpson does this not sure of any other pro...
  8. Yup I did the reading about that and made sure it was the “velocore” and not the stocks for the SIM
  9. Yessir! I got mine from certified dealer on eBay has there been any history of fakes with this shaft yet? I know they’re pretty new yet especially the black line
  10. Exactly all I want is something to give me a little tighter dispersion and from what I’m hearing they definitely help with that
  11. So I know most of you will say I should of got fitted but I didn’t lol. And purchased through EBay a Ventus black 6x for my g400 driver after reading reallyyyy good things about it and seeing it used by all the recent winners on tour (Phil, Rory, etc) anybody who plays it let me know your experience with it!! Pumped to get it in a few days!
  12. Yessir!! That is what I am going to do. Going to the range here soon to hit my new 46.5 inch driver will report back! Haha
  13. my irons are e2 because of the length and my driver right now at 45 1/4 is D2 so it actually might really benefit me...an inch is 6 points, correct? So adding 1.25 inch should bring it to D 9 ish as I’m also adding a bit heavier grip
  14. Yeah it’s just that I am MUCH better with irons and anything off the ground and then with the driver it just feels too short and I get too steep like an iron...I think since I’m taller and higher WTF a longer driver would flatten/shallow my swing plane which I think would really benefit the quality of hit. I added 1.25 inch to it yesterday so it’s 46.5 now and will be going to the range today to see hopefully I like it also read an article about Henrik Stenson a while back who is taller and says he is much better with hitting off of ground hence why he plays 3 wood mostly from the tee and doesn’t hit driver well...Us taller peeps with higher WTF I think can struggle more with driver since it’s more of a sweeping hit not steep/downward
  15. I’m 6”6 with a 39 WTF...I was fitted about 2 years ago now just for wedges and irons and was fit into JPX 900 forged irons that are 1.25 inches over standard and I love them and posture feels great. However I have been thinking about my hybrid and woods...I play them at standard length and they don’t feel as comfortable as my irons...should I get them lengthened same 1.25 inches over standard as well?? Usual charts online say just for irons so that’s what is confusing
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