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  1. Definitely can confirm this! Had the 400 MAX and was super loud got the 400 LST and the sound is a million times better! Also the feel too IMO.
  2. Does anyone else have trouble with a 60 degree on the feel shots?? Like the 3/4 and 1/2 swings?
  3. I’ve usually used my 60 degree which is my 100 yard on full swing but doing some research I’ve heard 60 degree can be inconsistent on the half and 3/4 shots and I’ve definitely found that to be true! So now I’m hitting my 56 degree (110-115 full) on everything inside of 100...what do y’all play for the feel, inside 100 yard shots??
  4. Lefty here as well with the G400 MAX and my visits to the right side are way to often as well...I just ordered G400 LST head up as I heard they are more neutral ball flight oriented because of CG being more forwards helps slow face rotation and also a flatter lie angle...excited to see if it helps! G400 MAX is a great driver but I believe for the better player who doesn't need any help with face rotation in can hurt.
  5. Interesting...My miss is draw/ left side so it might be perfect for me then...I've read usually the pro models (lower spin) favor towards a slight open face as pros hate missing left the most, usually.
  6. No doubt I pulled the trigger on a 10 degree G400 LST Head so interested to see how it goes! Definelty need lower spin head!
  7. I've had the MAX 10.5 for over 6 months now and have tried couple of Low/Low shafts but still struggle with too much spin...anyone confirm that the LST helps lower spin and what about the accuracy/dispersion? Is it a big drop off??
  8. So 1” driver and 1.5” in 5 wood? Both shafts get here today so I’m going to cut and glue them tonight and get to the range tomorrow
  9. Great what is the reasoning for tipping more in fairway wood? Still learning about club making and tipping...
  10. i dont play a 3 wood 10.5 driver then 18 degree 5 wood so should I do 1” for driver than 1.5 for 5 wood? That’ll be pretty solid I’m sure...it’s the same shaft Driver - Aldila Tour Green TX 75 5 wood - Aldila Tour Green TX 85
  11. The recommendation is 0" with driver than 1" with woods but I'm going to tip driver 1" so is it fine if I tip it the same in my 5 wood or shall I tip more?
  12. Yeah but they don't recommend tipping for driver but I want to 1"...fairway woods say 1'' should I just do the 1 inch? I thought fairway woods should be tipped more than driver? EDIT: I found my answer at 3:35...I'll tip driver 1 inch and 5 wood 1.5 inches
  13. Great to hear so the TX shouldn’t be too much to handle for me then
  14. Also...how about a fairway wood, so I bought a 5 wood in the same shaft should I tip the same or more?
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