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  1. Yeah most Pros WITB I look at have their drivers lofted down to help with the left miss I assume?
  2. 6'6 here and started out with +1.25 over standard JPX 900 forged irons but they just felt too heavy and hence the swing weight was around E, then got them cut to 3/4 inch over standard and they feel perfect now swing weight around D5 which feels so much more playable.
  3. I’m amazed too that’s why I made this topic! I cannot hit anything under 10.5 consistently...it might get me a few more yards but not worth the more errant miss for me. I have around 160ish ball speed too.. average 290-300 yards
  4. Me too! I had a 9* Ping g400 Max head and could not hit it well...10.5 has been miles better. Aldila Green 65 Xstiff shaft...
  5. My lord!! I played a 9 and struggled with that! You must hit up on it a lot!?
  6. Just curious to see what everyone plays... I play G400 Max at 10.5
  7. Yeah after putting my PING G400 MAX 9* head to 10 degrees I can confirm it absolutely changes the ball flight, my miss has consistently been too much draw/hook and now have it set down .5 to 8.5 degrees and it is perfect for me! No more big draws
  8. That's the stupidest thing ever. Every driver should sit perfectly square at neutral setting...smh
  9. Yeah I look at the WITB's a lot and a lot have their drivers dialed down in loft and then did some reading into it and most do it to help from the dreaded hook miss. I'm going to try it I've had my PING G400 MAX 9* at 10 degrees and my miss has been draw/hook all year until I researched this. Just put it to 8.5 (down a half a degree) and will report back the results...excited though
  10. Is is to open the face slightly so they don't hook/pull? Mcilroy lowers his loft 2 degrees with his driver!
  11. older thread but I am very curious about this. A lot of pros I notice play a 9 or even a 10.5 driver head but lower the loft from there...is that because they want to eliminate hooks?? because lowering loft opens face...
  12. Honestly I've wondered why he switched to Callaway? After he did he hasn't been as consistent off of the tee...glad he's back with the TM.
  13. Switched from overlap after only playing with overlap my whole 10 years of golfing and read a tip about if you draw too much to try interlock and it has helped me tremendously it's insane! I will be sticking with interlock grip! And yes I 100% agree that interlock helps with being a little more fade biased
  14. my ping 5 wood is super easy to understand only has 5 options, neutral, + 0.6, +1, - 0.6, -1.0 and you just reverse those if you have different handed adapter sleeve, but yeah with cobra they have 3 draw settings so I was just confused if standard really was standard or if the standard draw is standard
  15. I have the cobra F8 driver LH head with a RH adapter tip on the shaft...so I’m trying to figure out what standard is then, is “standard” the standard setting or is “standard draw” Standard? If anyone knows that would be amazing! Thanks. I know that + is actually - but I’m not sure with the standard setting for this!
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