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  1. I need to get myself one of those for test. Any other recommendations? I also like the looks of the Piretti's but will be hard to test them in Australia
  2. YES SIR, this is exactly what I am looking for!
  3. Hi I just got fitted in to a 36.5" face balanced putter. The two options on the table are: - TM Spider X Navy with GTR 2.0 grip - Scotty Phantom X7 with Large matador The thing is that I am not over the moon about either, I love the feeling of my Newport and its classic lines. Also tested a Bettinardi and liked the soft feeling it produced (opposite of the Cameron). Feeling wise I would prefer the X7 but either option makes me want to go "I WANT THIS" So reaching out for help to find more suitable options that look and feel amazing.
  4. I replaced my Rogue SubZero 5W with TS3 5 wood turned down to 17.25, easy to get off the deck and love the sound and feel
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