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  1. Good to know. You must have tried both MB and 699pro 4i, right?
  2. you are correct it was utility club. Thanks for nit pic. Internet is green for fact checking. I am not sure if differences between utility vs regular 699pro. Maybe guys at @Sub70Golf could inform us. I’d be curious to know.
  3. As promised... here is my full review of the Sub70 Clubs I ordered.
  4. This would be my first full review on the forum. I have made a couple post here and there. However, I thought I would give my try at writing a full review. Recently I bought a new set of Sub70 Irons. Here are my previous comments in the official SUB70 thread: Now for the full review. As with much excitement I received my SUB70 irons in a very neat and clean box. My personal opinion is that I really like the simple color scheme of the Sub70 box - Black and White. Normally these orders take about 5 - 7 days once
  5. I am a bit late on my review of the clubs. I've been pretty busy. The birth of my newborn son took precedence over writing a review. Truthfully I have only been out couple of times with the new clubs, so its not fair to write up a strong review with only a couple rounds of golf. I will try my best to get a more complete review of my clubs when I get time over next couple of weeks. I will say this, having played them a few times few thing stood out. 1) MBs are extremely soft. I had them adjusted at the PGA superstore and the club fitter told me they were one of
  6. They are here!!!!! Ill do a review of them by end of week.
  7. I noticed the MIXED box of Prov1 & Prov1X. Truthfully I am not good enough to tell difference between 1's and X's I actually like the PRACTICE on it because it helps me identify my ball.
  8. I've done a short search on this topic but all other threads are from 2012 (or so). My local PGA SuperStore just started selling them. I was told the only issue with Prov1 Practice VS Prov1 are exterior errors -- such as paint or misprints. Nothing is wrong with the core, so therefore the playability of them isn't an issue. Can anyone else confirm this? Any titlist reps in here that can confirm?
  9. I saw it on their twitter account @squish45
  10. Good news... the CB & MB heads arrived! So now the clubs are being built. I can not wait to try them out. I highly suggest to anyone who is curious about them A) get demo set B) say TO HE'LL WITH IT and buy a set. I'd be he sells out again soon.
  11. Have always been told... go with one that feels the best & data that proves it. Who cares about label?!
  12. I commented on another post earlier, but since this seems to be the OFFICIAL Sub70 thread I'll comment here too. I ordered my Sub70 clubs two weeks ago. My current gamers are Cobra Forge TEC black with AMT s300 shafts. Very nice clubs, but I was looking for something new to try. Looking for a blade to be honest. My issue with the Cobra was roll out distance. When buying an iron I feel that I need ball to hit a spot. NOT ROLL OUT 10 yards. My current gamers were rocket launchers. Furthermore, I hated chunky PW & 9i. Seemed hard to chip with. I have a mem
  13. I do carry all 14 clubs when I walk. Have a sun mountain 4.5 14way bag. Its been great.
  14. I think it was Johnny who said it --- on driver the more stiff the straighter it goes. I am in same boat as you. I use an XS diamana 60g shaft. It has definitely helped with my straighten out the ball. However, on the shafts I was using Cobra Tec Black with AMT white s300 shafts. I used the AMT because I was struggling to hit 5i with heavier shaft. The AMT is "designed" to help hit longer clubs easier. Over the past month I have been playing with some srixon z forged nippon 120S. I find that heavier shaft in longer irons isn't hurting me as much as it used to.
  15. @ChipNRun This is exactly what I was thinking would happen with loads of offset. The club would close shut at impact. Glad I am not the only one who has experienced this. The new clubs I am getting have less offset. Currently my club I tend to miss left.
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