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  1. Tensei Pro Orange 80tx -44.75" tip to grip, G400 adaptor aligned to +.6°. -tipped 3/4 inches. -midsize MCC Golf Pride grip. Shaft is like new used 4 rounds and 1 range session! $Sold
  2. Nike React Vapor 2 golf shoes 13 Wide Bought these off ebay, but ordered wide instead of 13 regular. Worn for 5 minutes on the chipping green. $Sold
  3. Just wow! If my hands were half as soft as people today I'd be a phenom on and around the greens!
  4. Anyone who "chokes on the purity of technique" could hit pins regularly! Lol
  5. I was thinking the same thing, he doesn't really have a smooth swing seems like he would be putting a lot of stress on his back and joints with his new size and how violent he swings.
  6. A course in my area stopped working with golf now and when the did golf now listed hot deals for $10 including a cart, which would normally cost $100. We only got the deal once the people at the pro shop explained what was going on so we didn't book it again!
  7. I was looking at an M5 driver on wish, saw that it shipped from china left the website and never went back! The price was too good to begin with, I assumed it was fake and that confirmed it!
  8. Anyone ever hit a ball dead center of the fairway and watch it hit a sprinkler head then bounce 40 yards left into the hazard? I guess that's what you get for laying up on a short par 4! What's your bad luck moment on the course?
  9. I know a guy who wears a visor regularly!
  10. I wouldn't be able to take Foley seriously with that hair!
  11. He is all over the place with his driver! He also stopped draining every putt!
  12. Faldo, Nance, Azinger, feherty
  13. That proto looks half decent. At least compared to the TB1
  14. Brooks isn't that fit at all just has big arms and no legs!
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