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  1. I agree with this. I recently went to go see a local professional and he focused on my weight shift and finish. While I certainly need improvement in that area and his ideas/advice were sound, I have always felt that my backswing needs to be fixed before those pieces can be resolved. Other than the stick drill prescribed earlier in the thread, are there any other drills that you guys would suggest? I’d love to stick to feels/drills for a while to implement the correct movements. Thank you all for your help
  2. I wonder if a Planemate would be a good purchase for me?
  3. Actually, I was able to find a video from a recent range session but the angle is not so good, unfortunately. Take it with a grain of salt. Again, I will make sure to take some good videos this weekend.
  4. Yeah, but I haven't been taking video when I've been working at our heated range here in Wisconsin (which I should really be doing just to monitor my own progress). One feel that that has helped a little bit has been taking the club back feeling my left palm traveling down my target line going back to try and emphasize more of a shoulder turn as opposed to whipping my arms going back. Thing is, with this feel, I still struggle with my tendency to rip my shoulders open coming down. I've always had a shallow shoulder move mixed with a steep arm move which I need to improve. Also, it
  5. Apologize if this has been discussed at nauseam but I have been searching and haven’t quite come across this... Can anyone provide some examples of iron shafts that have a bend profile similar to the feel Tensei Pro White has in a wood shaft? Looking for the softer butt section with a very stable tip section.
  6. I only ever really pull it out if I play a super long course, but I have an original M2 5W. Super shallow face that I can launch to the moon to land soft on Par 5's or if I hit my usual shank off the tee.
  7. Debating going back to my S55s after a couple of years. But the curious cat in me is intrigued by the Blueprints... Might have to pull the trigger even though I’m a little worried about forgiveness in the BP vs the S55.
  8. 80% of my rounds are just casual rounds with the buddies so I just use whatever I have in my bag for most of those. Lots of woods on my home course so I hardly have to buy golf balls each year. Tournament or big money games on the weekend? I'll grab a fresh one and mark it up with clear identifiers.
  9. I suppose now it is coming down to choosing between: Ping Blueprint Taylormade P7MC (not sure if this is just a redundant move coming from P750) Titleist 620 CB
  10. Now that’s an interesting take. I had also played PX 6.5 in my last 3 sets prior to using TI X100 in my P750s and they seem to spin up a little bit more than my 6.5’s in the past and I also loved the more “one piece” feel of the PX. I suppose one of the things that I was hoping for was a little less spin in the Blueprint combo as well. I also saw they have the Power Spec Loft option which I thought may help with my spin issues a tad but playing a 45* PW already seems pretty wild.
  11. Awesome. That was a main thing I was worried about. I know I have heard things about the blade length being fairly scary as well in the Blueprints from some.
  12. Curious if anyone has hit both of these and could provide some insight. Currently playing the P750 and LOVE the look of the Blueprint and have had S55 in the past. Thanks folks!
  13. Still following. I will make sure to post a video in the past few days. I haven't been able to get to the range.
  14. Anyone else have thoughts on comparisons to either of these from the P750s?
  15. Leaning MC in 4-6 for the added forgiveness in the mid and long irons and MB in 7-PW. Still not quite sure though... I do know that I am returning to the PX6.5 either way, however.
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