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  1. I do know what you mean. I have leather Rose and Fire Stealth Dancing Shamrocks (all black) that I bought when I had a black Stitch SL1. There were lots of bags that looked silly with the headcovers. I do enjoy how they pair with my Hoofer Lite though. It helps that that both have an Irish vibe.
  2. Thanks for everyone’s help. I pulled the trigger on an Olive/Gray/Orange Hoofer Lite. I love the color way, the straps are perfect, and loaded up the weight seems OK. The pockets have worked well for my Objectives and I’m happy with the choice.
  3. I went with the Olive/Gray/Orange Hoofer Lite. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but I love it. Haha.
  4. Woah. I’ve played XVs for a decade now and never seen any cracks. I do notice that the seem becomes visible after a good chunk of holes (18), but even then I don’t think it would affect performance. Did these come out of the same sleeve or dozen? I wonder if it was an unlucky batch. I also play the yellow ones which have always seemed to be durable.
  5. Living the Dream! My three sons (10, 8, 7) picked up the game this year. We rotate who plays 18 each week and have awesome programs around us. Our local range has a Kids Club. $10 one time, and each kid gets a free bucket of balls every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day. To make it even better, we have a free 9-hole executive course near us. We’ve been playing there a ton. As a result of the increased frequency and new tools, in playing my best ever golf. Shot a 1-under from the red tees last month (played the same tees as my son), and have been under 80 every round this year (6200-6700
  6. Nail polish remover and a toothbrush. The wedges were harder - they had a different kind of paint. I needed to cover them in Citrus Strip overnight.
  7. I noticed similar things this spring when club shopping. I was very intrigued by the P790s, but couldn’t hit them well to save my life. Tried the i210s on a whim and was very impressed. Almost bought a half set. Ended up with Maltby DBMS 4,6,8, and PW. Added the matching 52 and 58 wedge. Have been playing my best golf ever and loving the new sticks.
  8. I’ll go ahead and add, the SM 2.5+ doesn’t do it for me. It feels cheap, even though I’m sure the material is strong. But the stand looks weak too, and the bag is quite large and imo, ugly.
  9. I’m coming from a Sun Mountain 3.5 Superlight that’s 15 years old. Love the bag, but it’s wearing out. I bought a Stitch SL1 and loved the looks, but found it carried heavy, the strap wasn’t comfortable, and I missed having the rangefinder easily accessible. I sold it for what I paid. I bought a 2020 Ping Moonlite. Loved the looks and pockets (especially the rangefinder and water bottle). Carried great, loved the straps, but my back got pretty sore putting the bag on the ground. I have two herniated lumbar disks. Returned it. Next, I bought the Cobra Sunday bag. Sharp bag, great size, but c
  10. Looks great! How’s it carry? Why did you decide to clip the rangefinder instead of using the magnetic pocket? How’s it feel without the hip pad? I’ve had my eye on this bag.
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