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  1. Looking Tour AD XC with a TM tip. Playing length right around 45”. 6S or 6X. Thanks!
  2. Looking a TZ6 M4 55G with a TM tip. Thanks!
  3. It just sold! Thanks for all the messages, I let it go on a first come first serve basis. -Nick
  4. For Sale: Ventus blue 6x velocore - Plays 45" installed. Brand new grip, pured with TM tip and ready to go. $220 shipped - Trade friendly as well.
  5. Looking for a steelfiber or graphite shafted 50* wedge. Thanks!
  6. That is awesome! Thanks for the help!
  7. Thank you so much for the help and insight. Appreciate it a ton!
  8. Hi! Anyone know where you can find one of these or does anyone make them? Most interested in the component that holds it vertically/angle for plane work. Thanks!
  9. Good to know, thanks for the feedback! I have one scheduled there in 2 weeks. Hopeful for a positive experience
  10. Looking for head only if possible. Thanks!
  11. Agree! Literal my exact thoughts and current setup ^ The combo is pure class!
  12. Look for an EX flow neck around 34-35" new or used and flexible on color. Thanks!
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