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  1. Looking for hybrid or DI and a 3W headcover, curious if anyone as anything they are looking to sell on here. Open to designs, poms, patterns, etc. Thanks!
  2. For Sale: PING G-410 9* LST, in great condition. Comes with head-cover. $265 shipped, open to trades. Thanks!
  3. Perfect, that was my concern was launch being too high. Thanks!
  4. Awesome, appreciate the feedback! With the IZ was how was the launch?
  5. Hey everyone, hope you are well Curious if anyone has gamed this combo in a driver setup? I am currently in the TP. Anyone been down this route? What kind of results, etc? Any feedback is super appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Man, I wish I could say different but the Pacific Northwest is a different animal.
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