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  1. Did they finally make the flow neck available for retail with the EX or is that my spider? It’s a beaut!
  2. Looking for a TM 8* degree driver head - M5, SIM or SIM2 Thanks!
  3. Look for a set of heads only if possible - 4 or 5-PW. Thanks!
  4. If you are open to heads only - let me know! Thanks!
  5. Looking for 5W in a stiff flex. Thanks!
  6. Hope you are doing great! For Sale: Like new SIM 2 Max, maybe hit 10 balls with it. 9* head comes with head cover and wrench. - $400.00 shipped. Trade interests: ZX5's + cash SIM 2 (non max) in a 9*. Thanks!
  7. Looking for a set of grips - 7 or so should do as a few have been recently re-gripped. Thanks!
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