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  1. Hey Everyone! Awesome set of CBX's up for sale. 52, 56, 60 as the pics show, all in great shape with lots of life left. The 56 and 60 have the upgraded Steelfiber 110's in it and are like new. The 52 has the stock DG 115. Want to sell them as a set, looking for $225.00 or best offer. Shipping included, USPS priority. Cheers, -Nick
  2. Looking for some cool/different or just creative headcovers. Hybrid or driver or putter any or all. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a G-410 2 hybrid. Will take it with shaft or without. Not specific on flex. Thanks!
  4. Really appreciate that! I more than likely will take you up on that offer. Cheers, -Nick
  5. This is so helpful! Thank you so much for the time and energy into that explanation, I really appreciate it!
  6. Thank you! This is starting to make a lot more sense now. Based on what I am reading and after looking at the chart, just so I am understanding it correctly: Adding loft does ____ to the lie angle, reducing loft does ____ to the lie angle. My apologies on the novice question. Thanks!
  7. Hello Everyone! Currently gaming a G410 3 hybrid. I have read that the lie angle can be adjusted via the adjustable hosel. When I pull the head off, the loft adjustments make a on of sense, turn one way or the other +\- My question is how exactly to do you adjust just lie angle? Is it adjusted through making loft changes? Or is there feature in the hosel I am missing that only adjusts lie angle? Sorry for what might be a uninformed question. Thanks!
  8. Same thing for me on this! Did you ever find out a setting that helped? I don't understand how to adjust the lie angle, the loft is easy, but I am unsure how to conquer the lie adjustment. Thanks!
  9. Thanks so much for the insight, exactly what I was looking to find out!
  10. Super appreciate the help, thank you so much!
  11. Hello Everyone! Sorry to ask this if it has already been covered, currently gaming a SS Tour 2.0 and would like to know if it can accept a counterweight in the grip? I reached out to Superstroke and have yet to hear anything back. The port looks pretty small, if something does work for its application is there a specific weight model/design you need to use for that model or is it a one size fits all type of thing? Thanks so much for the help and time. Cheers, -Nick
  12. Definitely will consider selling for sure. I will PM you. Thanks!
  13. Looking for a unique driver head cover that fits a LST 9*. Also on the hunt for a new bag, used is fine as long as it is good shape, not too specific on brand. Thanks!
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