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  1. Looking for a 54 degree in a mid/high bounce and looking for a 58 degree in a mid/low. Can be head only too. Thanks!
  2. ISO - Mizuno T22 Wedges 54 & 58. Not to particular to a finish. Thanks!
  3. BB is stock TM length, will play 45.75" in a TM driver. No tipping that I am aware of 2nd owner and was originally ordered and built at the kingdom.
  4. I love it, it has been my saving grace for a long time. Just wanting to get something a little newer and slightly more lofted. Would love to sell it to ya!
  5. Hope everyone is doing great and happy thanksgiving week! Couple items up for sale - 1) Epic Max LS 10.5 * with Ventus Black Velocore 6s. Head and shaft in next to perfect condition. Comes with head cover. Plays 45.5". $475 Shipped OBO SOLD 2) Taylormade 2016 8.5 * M2 Super rare and hard to find, in awesome condition. Couple marks on the top line up close but not noticeable at address. 11/23 Update M2 Head - SOLD. Tour AD BB shaft still available - $175 shipped. Thanks!
  6. Right hand, used is great! thanks!
  7. Looking a 6s Ventus Black with a Sim 2 9*. Thanks!
  8. Looking for a Dinosaur Mountain branded golf ball. Thanks!
  9. Looking for a Callaway Ventus black driver shaft in an S. Thanks!
  10. Looking for a callaway adapter tour ad driver shaft in the XC or GP. 6s or 6x. Thanks!
  11. Hi! Looking for a jacket that you can you swing in but isn't a pancho Also a pair of pants or wear overs that have some sort of fit. Jacket - L or XL depending on fit Pants - 34 waist or L depending on fit. Thanks! -Nick
  12. Do you have the ability to change the adapter tip? Thanks!
  13. Hope you are well! Couple items up for grabs - 1) Brand new, Tensei Pro White 1K - 60X - Plays 45" installed, new tour velvet 360 with TM adapter. $210.00 shipped OBO. 2) Taylormade Sim Max 5W - 60S - Top line damage from gaming but lots of life left - Tensei Blue CK Shaft. $100.00 shipped OBO.
  14. Hope you are well! SIM 2 8* Head. In great condition. One small imperfection on top line, cannot be seen at address. Price - $335 OBO shipped Open to trades for SIM 2 9* head. Thanks!
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