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  1. I’ve never heard of them before until now. I can agree with ya that them are the only VTs I like. Those are smooth!!! I’d scoop them up if they weren’t priced so high.
  2. I own a black pair and a white pair. They are both very comfortable. But the white toes eventually get a permanent yellow stain. So easily keeping them clean is not true. Great shoe though!!
  3. I found it odd the fearless together pack didn’t include the roshe or Jordan 5s. Not that I would purchase either one. I don’t wear basketball shoes for playing golf and the roshe don’t fit my eye.
  4. I just got into the Nike golf shoe habit. The only 1s I’ve seen that catch my eyes are the No Denim Allowed. I hope to own a pair at some point.
  5. The tour players are wearing the fearless pack in practice so far. I believe these are the masters pack. Especially being released on day 1 of the masters. I know many have said the lucky pack is for the masters, but I have to disagree.
  6. I scored a used Ping pioneer bag recently. It works very well with my mid sized grips. I also like the bag better than my sun mountain c-130 for overall use. Thanks!
  7. So was the lucky pack for the British open and the fearless pack for the Masters? The color ways make it seem that’s the case.
  8. These are dope!!! I just wish they would release some darker color ways. Every release seems to be white dominant.
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