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  1. Copped these off the Bay. Only wore a few times. “Gradient Pack”
  2. I’m a 13 and I’ve never had a issue with any shoe brand fitting correctly. Until I purchased a few pairs of Airmax 2090s. They rub on the middle outside of my foot.
  3. The biggest issue I have with them is the bland classic style. I’ve moved on from that style after years of them being our only option.
  4. Nike just notified me they are sending me a voucher for my all white ZITs that had the staining issue. I bought them from Dicks sporting goods last may 5th. Glad to know they stand by their product.
  5. I just got notice my all white ZITs will be warranted out and I will receive a voucher. It also says they recycle shoes deemed to be flawed. So they might have recycled the praying hands Jordan’s.
  6. Them grass shoes are terrible. Made out of some cheap indoor/outdoor carpet you find at Kmart.
  7. Yeah, my pair stained on the big toe area after only 3 rounds. It had some defect where the fabric met the sole and allowed moisture to seep in. That’s my guess anyway.
  8. I just sent my white 2019 ZITS to Nike for a warranty claim today. Mine had the staining/waterproofing issues. I like the look of these a lot better. Hopefully Nike warranties my pair out so I can get these.
  9. Nice man!!! I’m hoping I get lucky someday and get these TW 14s. The traction wore out on the pair I had.
  10. I negotiated with the guy for $165. The guy put em up for a 7 day auction starting at $100 or best offer.
  11. Copped these off the Bay. Practically Brand new. TW 13s
  12. Nike golf socks just in on NDC if anyone is interested.
  13. What if I bought my ZITs at Dicks sporting goods last summer. Will Nike customer service still offer a refund or replacement?
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