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  1. I’m 6”4 and 3/4. My ping i500 irons are +1 inch long and lie is +2. I’ve been contemplating getting my 3,4, and 5 irons adjusted a little more upright. The long irons seem to feel flat and my miss with them is a weak fade. I have a steep swing and I’m thinking a lie adjustment is needed.
  2. I highly doubt it. Plenty of pro shops/stores can’t get enough stock as it is.
  3. I think a lot of people have unrealistic expectations for this driver. Your not going to get huge distance increases. You might gain a little distance increase on your off center strikes, where most of us amateur strikes are. The pros miss the center more than you think. The forgiveness this new driver could offer across more of the face is the real story. The tee shot is the most important shot in golf. If this driver can give me a shot at the green on my mishits more often, that’s strokes off my score.
  4. I don’t make club buying decisions based on yt videos. The treads on this site will influence my decision a lot more than a few guys hitting 10 shots on a simulator. When the club gets released to the masses, we will get plenty of real world reviews here. Based on what I’ve read on this thread so far. The stealth has increased the forgiveness a decent amount. That’s what I’m really interested in since distance has reached its peak due to the rules.
  5. How much length will the stealth + head add to the overall club measurement?
  6. I have the same shaft on the way. It measures 45” from grip end to adapter tip. I need to get it trimmed down some. What length is your shaft? Should I trim in the butt end?
  7. You should definitely play the correct lie for your body/swing. Playing the incorrect length and lies will cause bad swing flaws. I play green dots and no way could I hit standard black dots
  8. That’s been my concern. The frame around the face seems to be exposed to mishits.
  9. Not the prettiest yt swing I’ve seen. Not much speed is being generated with his short back swing.
  10. I’ve owned my i500s for 2 years now. I really enjoy them. They offer extra distance while still able to work the ball. They still look great after 2 seasons. I like the sound and feel that some complain about. I own the 3 - uw. Great irons
  11. They are very comfortable. They are very similar to the TW 13 and 14s which are also comfortable. Bring ‘em back!!!
  12. I agree… the cobra rep was at the course I work at a month n a half ago. He showed us the new drivers and said they will be at about the same price point. $150 difference in price will sell plenty. But they are missing out on some early hype happening right now.
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