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  1. Finally made the sad decision to return a couple of pairs of ZITs, just uncomfortable after long rounds.... question is can I return on NDC or at Nike store with no box?
  2. I’m pretty sick and tired of the re sellers on eBay. Why doesn’t Nike put a limit on how many things someone can buy.....: BK shoes now a shirt I really wanted but had to wait for my bank to take off a daily limit on my card. Seriously how people want double the money for the shirt. Makes me sick.
  3. Seriously why doesn’t Nike put a limit to how many people can buy? I understand maybe two sizes of the same shoe but I mean that really sucks from Nike.
  4. this has to be said; as a loyal Nike customer I feel completely let down. This isn’t some genius marketing it’s a disservice to their most loyal customers. I have an alarm everyday at 8am MT I can’t be on my phone 24/7 checking to see if they’re out. Puma and adidas as well as GFore all give dates on releases. Now we have to pay almost double for the shoes we Really wanted all because Nike can’t find time to post some sort of announcement. Might be time to look elsewhere for ALL my apparel. (Gym, running, golf, softball)
  5. I decided not to do it because I actually like the outline more—- matches my infinity run shoes. I think if we got filled in swoosh and your bad outline I bet we’d all be wishing for outline swoosh...
  6. The company we use for shirts and banners will see in the material the same color of the outline for $40...
  7. This might be the case.... if so we might not see them till next week maybe even Thursday. Wish we could get a date from Nike like every other manufacturer does for literally everything. You can only check NDC so much before you go insane.
  8. All this 270 talk and I’m just here waiting for the pink ZIT to drop
  9. I accidentally washed my black one with all my golf shirts, came out fine and smelling nice
  10. gone through 2 white nike classic 99 hats this summer. It gets upwards of 90 at 8am here in the Southwest ... tried some oxyclean product and it made the hat spot like reddish brown. anybody have ways to clean sweat soaked Nike hats and keeping them white??? My black and dark blue aren’t an issue it’s just the white.
  11. I was thinking that but was also thinking that if tour editions had outline and retail had solid we would all be watching outline. We always want what we think we can’t have. anyways took my 3 pairs to a shirt maker/ alterations they charge $40 to fill in the swoosh with the same material. Decided against it although might buy a pair just to try it.
  12. went to the website but can’t find them... is it country specific thing?
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