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  1. sciggs

    3 club bag.

    3W, 9i, putter. I can carry the 3w around 250-265 and then 9i anywhere from 100-160 with confidence. Would be able to use it around the greens and from the bunkers if necessary also.
  2. Is she the replacement for Blair or just a fill-in while she's on pregnancy leave?
  3. I Know it's all about sponsors, etc..., but I always find it interesting to see the guys with (in this case) Wilson headcovers with Taylormade Driver and woods.
  4. Yeah, this guy has been accused of doing this for 30 years (I'm only 32 years old). He's so worried about losing his $5 Nassau that he would just sandbag his scores during the week to get his handicap right for the weekend rounds for our points style dogfight. Really a shame. For me, my handicap is a personal pride thing where I post every score and my end goal is to get it as low as possible.
  5. We used to have a guy like that before they implemented that you could not post a score when playing by yourself. He was a 1-3 handicap, and would routinely post scores in the 80s during the week when playing by himself, and then always shot 68-76 on the weekends in the money games. That got shutdown pretty quickly....
  6. Thanks for the detailed response! Good luck with the new clubs!
  7. Thanks for that note. I would have expected an update from CC at this point but nothing so far. I'll give it another couple of days and then will reach out for a status.
  8. No update on my clubs shipping yet, which is supposed to be by tomorrow. We'll see if that happens. Wondering if Coronavirus is delaying the heads or shafts from coming in.
  9. Unless you are planning on paying direct cash or debit card, it's a no brainer option, IMO. I could have put them on my personal CC for 25% APR, or I finance through Synchrony with Club Champion for 0%, 18 months.
  10. Awesome! Let me know your results and thoughts once you get them in!
  11. Glad to see a lot of responses here, I haven't been on in a few days. My clubs should be here some time this week, hopefully. I have a 2 day tournament next weekend so even if they get here this week, I most likely won't put them in the bag until I have time to compare distances for all of the irons. Can't wait to get them and take them to range and put them in the bag!
  12. I built the exact set on Callaway's website for $1300 not including tax. The 2700 included sales tax, puring, additional wedges (plus shafts and grips for those wedges) and the fitting. Subtract all of that out and the actual Callaway irons were just over $100 more though them excluding tax. Oh well. I'm sorry you are not happy with how I spend my money. Will refrain from posting these details in the future.
  13. I know there has been a lot of discussion RE: Club Champion here so figured I would offer my own experience to the group. I went for my iron fitting today. Prior to today, I had never been fit for clubs and also had never hit on a Trackman before so I had no clue what any of my stats looked like so I went in with an open mind. Overall, it was a cool experience. It started with a brief consultation about my game and what I was looking to get out of the fitting. Going in, I was 50/50 on whether I wanted to buy with them or not. There was never pressure to actually purchase. I hit my current 6i t
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