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  1. Homeschooling is not quite what most golf kids are doing. Most use a distance learning program. Kids do all the lessons online and they can easily finish all their school work in a 3 hour day. It is fantastic! I highly recommend it. Parents are not the teachers, you don't do any teaching. All the lessons are online for them to do when they want. They go at their own pace. You won't be giving up your life to be their teacher. There are several programs and we tried a few but the best is Laurel Springs Prep. My son is in grade 10 and I have a daughter doing school through them as well. Everything is on line. Teachers are top notch. Your teachers in each subject are there to help them during their office hours 2 hours everyday. Every teacher has different office hours and you don't ever have to log and and speak with them if you don't want to. It a great system. If you need the teacher they are there otherwise you just keep going with your lessons. So much time is wasted in school. If your kid loves golf or any sport, absolutely use a distance learning program! Let them pursue their passion and they will have more time to socialize with their friends as they can practice golf, do school then have plenty of time to hang out with their friends in the afternoons. I understand it can seem like quite an undertaking at first until you understand how it works, but it is the best decision you will ever make. After a week, you'll wish you had done it sooner.
  2. Glad you had a good experience. I agree with you, some great relationships can be made. I've seen that too! However, the parents who know, know that IG can and does get you support from Manufacturers. And that support can mean a lot! Of Course finishing top 5 at 8 years old won't get traction with colleges. But again parents who know, also know that those top finishes at tourneys (other than US Kids) 12 years old on up will get some traction with Colleges. But to get those letters your kids have to be the cream of the crop. To clarify, my advice is if get away from US Kids tournaments as soon as possible. If you want your kids to compete and be cream of the crop get away from USKids. If you want your kids to enjoy golf and for you to not become "That Mom or Dad" get away from USKids. If you want your kids to enjoy golf and not be exposed to "Those Moms and Dads" get away from USKids. The culture of USKids creates those parents and that environment. It's documented, watch it. If you happen to have an awesome USKids local tour, you are very lucky. Enjoy it, but move on as soon as possible so that you will continue to have those good memories and you won't have to leave on a sour note. We basically had a great experience but getting sucked into the points race and dealing with some parents who didn't know the rules etc. got old. We, and the kids learned so much more by playing other tours that allowed no parent interaction. If you want your kids to just have fun, they will have more fun and enjoy golf more this way. If you are looking for your kids to play College golf they will learn and advance so much faster as well. Just my opinion.
  3. Learning to win is huge!!! Under 12 win win win. 13 on up play up all you can. Emphasis at that point is Scoring, not winning. 13+ start putting importance on ranking. Scores not winning is important for rankings on JGS.
  4. No, no axe to grind. I really liked the organizers of the local and Regional USKids events. They always did a nice job. We have a shelf full of medals and trophies from USKids. But if I had to do It again, this is not what we would have done. Just wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others and save you money and hopefully make some great golfers out there who grow up to play for fun or College or even become pro's. I hate to see so many kids/parents stop playing because of USKids. USkids gives parents and kids a warped sense of what golf/ golf tournaments are all about. I know for some it's all they have but please don't fall into the USKids trap. You're doing your kids and you a disservice. You'll see what I mean when your kids start playing at a higher level, if they continue to play. I think I have commented on this more than enough. Again, this was just my opinion. Cheers to Junior golf and the best sport kids can play. Golf gives nothing but joy to me and my family and I hope others are as fortunate as we have been to see what is possible for your kid if they work hard. You'll all find your own way. Who's enjoying watching the US AM? So fun to watch!
  5. It is my opinion that USKids tolerates more bad behavior than other tours. I think some Dads even feel that type of behavior is expected after watching the Short Game movie and show. These parents have never caddied before. They don't know what they are doing. There is a reason Parents/Guardians are not allowed to Caddy at USGA Jr. Amateurs.
  6. To each his/her own. Play whatever you want. I just know that US kids is not the way to go. Believe me or not, up to you. Clearly, a lot who follow here are in CA. We moved a while ago to NV. But in CA, FCG is awesome, SCPGA once you get to TTC is fantastic. VCJGA is really great as well. Hey, we all just want the best for our kids. We can reconvene this conversion in a few years and we'll see what was best.
  7. Yes. Caddies are permitted. Not mandatory.
  8. Okay, now I know you're joking. Haha. Very Funny!
  9. Interesting that you would think that. Maybe you have younger kids and have not seen the difference yet. To each his own. But thinking you have not seen enough or know enough about Junior golf if you think US Kids Worlds is the most important junior event a kid can play in. And it obviously depends on your kids goals. If US Kids Worlds is going to be the Highlight of your kids golf career then for you US Kids Worlds is the most important junior event your kid will ever play in. That's fine if that's the goal. Just assumed if your on here reading and writing on a junior golf forum your goals would be bigger. So I would say my opinion on US Kids is more for those who are looking at College and Pro golf.
  10. SCPGA Junior Development tour, FCG, NCJGA. And those are 3 just in San Diego/LA area. I know there are more.
  11. No problem with the Parents. I'm sure they're all nice people just wanting the best for their kids. It's the system that US Kids creates. Parent vs. Parent instead of kid vs. kid. And yes 6 year olds can absolutely caddy for themselves. I've seen it and it's wonderful. They learn and enjoy golf more. USKids makes it about the parents with the caddying. The sooner you get the kids out playing by themselves the better. I've seen it and lived it. You may not understand what I'm saying now because you may be so into the USKids thing, but believe me you and your kid will enjoy playing together and his/her tournaments so much more once you get past USkids.
  12. No. Nothing to do with cost. The local tours charge a fair amount for 1 day tournaments but the 2 day USKids are outrageous but you're right, it is in line with AJGA's. My biggest gripe is with kids not learning how to play properly. The Caddy Daddy's and Mommy's are ruining it for the kids. There is eventually always a fight with someone over something. You don't find that with the non caddy tournaments. The kids need to work it out on their own. That's how they learn. And yes a 6 year old is perfectly capable of caddying for themselves. If not,wait a year. You'll see as the kids get older what a set back playing US Kids was. There are plenty of non competitive tours that kids can play and learn more from and have more fun without Mom and Dad always being involved in their game. Parents are there to cheer on etc. but you are doing your kids a disservice by continuing to play US Kids. You may disagree now, but just wait. You'll wish you had stopped playing them as time goes on.
  13. Nobody asked and maybe no one cares about my opinion. However, avoid USKids. The sooner you get your kids away from those Baby, Caddy events the better it will be for them as people and players. Your kids will progress further as players so much faster once you get away from the USKids mentality. US kids is a money machine. They are milking parents. There are so many other tours available to play instead. Here in NV there are several other tours as I'm sure there are in other states. Again, just my opinion.
  14. Curious how this played out? Did he/she play in any events? if so, how did they do? Or, did they decide to skip?
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