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  1. Yes it's still for sale. As far as payments I'm open to whatever works best for both of us. PayPal goods and services, cashier's check, etc. You can shoot me a text or call at 334-479-6002. Thanks!
  2. Flightscope x3, Ipad and backpack for sale. Asking $12,000 for everything, Shipped and insured. Everything works flawlessly, and i will gladly video chat showing the unit, or meet up somewhere in Houston to show and test the unit. If you have any other questions or need any additional pictures just shoot me a message. For a faster reply you can shoot me a text at 334-479-6002. Thanks!
  3. Curious to hear some of the worst or most awkward stories someone has had while on the course
  4. What are some of the newer/ best GPS apps out right now that are consistent and accurate?
  5. Looking to get some feedback on witch driver is more forgiving? I see alot of great info on both, from the guys that have already hit these drivers, what are your thoughts?
  6. What is some of the feedback from everyone that has tried out mizuno's golf balls? What would you compare them too?
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