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  1. Thanks everyone, fingers crossed we are allowed to travel next year then and I can get a November trip in.
  2. Is it just the cold or is there a better than good chance of torrential rain? Don't mind the cold but would prefer it not to be cold and wet... How does it compare to March weather? Am looking at these two months for possible options.
  3. Yeah it is planned for Feb 2021 which I understand we are behind the 8-ball already but hopefully our flexibilty helps out! I have gone back to them and given a specific 7 day period but also indicated that we can are happy with any 7 consecutive days, starting on any day of the week if that helps as well. Fingers crossed though if it doesn't work out we have NZ, Pinehurst and maybe one other as backups.I love an Excel spreadsheet when planning all my trips, now adding in what the cost and available daylight hours are for the other months in which we could go to see what the cost tradeoff wil
  4. Thanks @duffer987 - am in the process of trying to secure tee times but am having trouble conveying that it is two of us and we are super flexible so anytime in Feb will work, we keep getting the same templated response. Am trying a different tack today. I did think that 4.5 hour rounds were on the slow side but you never know who may be ahead of you, who you are with and what the weather could be doing so was thinking worst case scenario. Sounds like a full round on the main course is doable, if cutting it a little fine. Qantas recommends 2 hours at first port on an international ticket,
  5. Given this is the Random thread... just trying to sort out some logistics for a possibly trip next February and wanted to check something with the experts of all things Bandon before committing. On our last day, we have the option of a 16:46 AA flight from Eugene to LAX or a 18:28 AA flight from Portland to LAX, where we will be connecting onto a Qantas flight to Australia. Given that sunrise is at 7am and I would expect that we will need to be checking in no less than 2 hours before departure time due to the international component, is it reasonable to expect that we could be one of the very
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