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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently gaming the normal F9 3 wood, paired with a AD-DI 7s shaft. Absolutely love it! The feel and look at address is my favourite 3w that I've ever played. The performance and numbers are there to match. However, I was told that the new Radspeed is significantly better than the F9 - in feel, forgiveness and ball speed. One of the things I LOVE about Cobra woods is the rails - which makes hitting the wood from the fairway or rough - easy as ever. Which is why I would prefer to get the standard RS over the big tour. I personally haven't tried the Radspeed myself, but my question is: 1. Is the RS significantly better than the F9 like many people have mentioned? (Worth the upgrade?) 2. Would it be advisable to order the RS with the Motore X F3 shaft? Or stick with my AD-DI? (What is the difference in the shaft profiles relative to one another)
  2. Driver: Taylormade SIM (10.5° set to 9.5°) - Ventus Blue 6S, 60g, Stiff. 3w: Cobra F9 (14.5° set to 15.5°) - Atmos blue, 70g, Stiff. (Alt) 5w: Taylormade SIM Ti (18.5°) - Diamana Whiteboard D+, 80g, Stiff. 2i: Titleist U500 (18°) - Tensei Pro White 90HY, Stiff. Titleist Irons 4i: T100 bent one degree stronger 24° to 23° and cut 0.25" - AMT Black S300 5-7i: 718 CB 8-PW: 718 MB - AMT Red S300 - Cut 0.5" Wedges - Cut 0.5" Titleist Vokey SM8: 1. 50.08F - Bent to 51. 09F° in Brushed steel 2. 54.10S - Bent to 55.11S° in Tour Chrome - Project X 5.5. Titleist Vokey SM7: 3. 60.08M in Jet Black - Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex. Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Black 10 (2020) - #7 - Cut 1" (34")
  3. I have a Titleist U500 2i that's bent one degree weaker (18°)- with a Tensei Pro White 90HY shaft in it. My driver ss is around 112-115mph, so I'd say it's on the average side. I'd agree with one of the guys who said that you need a fast ss to be able to hit a DI. I can carry my 2i about 250yards with a good 30-50y rollout depending on conditions. My U500 was fitted for me to be a low bullet off the tee and so that's how it performs on good to average swings. Bad swings/strikes are criminal, with the club only getting 220yards in total due to misstrikes - with a drop in ball speed and a massive spike in spin rate. Hitting it off the fairway into par 5s is also tricky, as if you're not generating enough speed, the trajectory is low and unpredictable when it lands, often landing short of the green but then rolling off too far past. I'd also say that it IS more consistent (straighter) off the tee, than my 5 wood - which I alternate between my 2i, during summer or lush courses. The 2i is easier to control in terms of trajectory - off the tee. From hitting a stinger draw like Tiger, to a higher spin/higher trajectory fade. But my 5 wood is a better club to hit into par 5s (from the fairway) because of the better decent angle, and the higher spin, which leads to better stopping power on greens. Consider what you are looking for out of a DI/UI, as a good fitting session can help you achieve what you're looking for, and give you the versatility required.
  4. I find the Titleist U500 to be a very versatile club. With the right shaft, you can achieve a well rounded club that can be used off the tee and off the deck. I've got a Tensei Pro White shaft in a 2i, and I can fire bullet stingers with it. Depending on conditions, those stingers can sometimes have equal total distance to a driver, but with much more consistency. I also use my U500 to hit into par 5s, and admittedly, the spin/stopping power is no where near as effective as a 5w, but it is still possible.
  5. Driver: Cobra F9 (10.5°) - Aldila Rogue Silver, 65g Stiff . 3w: Cobra F9 - Atmos blue, 70g Stiff. (Switch) 5w: Cobra F9 - Kuro Kage 70g Stiff. 2i: Titleist U500 - Aldila Rogue silver, 85g Stiff. 4i: 718 TMB 5-7i: 718 CB 8-PW: 718 MB Iron shafts - AMT Red S300 - Cut 0.5" Wedges: - Standard Dynamic Gold Wedge flex - Cut 0.5" SM8 - (50.08F - Bent to 51. 09F° in Brushed steel)(54.10S - Bent to 55.11S° in Tour Chrome) SM7 - (60.08M in Jet Black) Putter: Odyssey stroke lab 10 (2020) - #7 - Cut 1"
  6. Moses1992

    Vokey SM8

    For those who use a 54* in the bunker.. How would you say the M grind differs from the S grind? And which is easier to use?
  7. Driver, 3w, 5w - Cobra F9 2i - Ping G410 crossover Irons + Wedges - Titleist 718 MBs, SM7 Putter - Odyssey Stroke Lab #7 I feel like your wedges and irons should be the same brand because they will blend in nicely with consist feel and feedback.. Putter is completely subjective. Your woods can differ from the rest of your set because most people have different irons swings from their wood/driver swing. As for my 2i - I have tested the Titleist U500/510, and they are amazing - but this Ping crossover is just a beaute!
  8. 5 handicap Driver: Cobra F9 - HZRDUS Smoke 6.0, 60gram. 3w: Cobra F9 - Atoms blue 70g Stiff 5w: Cobra F9 - Kuro Kage 70g Stiff 2i: Titleist U500 - HZRDUS smoke 6.0 80gram 4i: 718 TMB 5-7i: 718 CB 8-PW: 718 MB Iron shafts are AMT Black S300. (Cut 0.5") Wedges: SM8 - (50.08F, 54.10S) SM7 - (60.08M) Wedges are standard DG Wedge fles. (Cut 0.5") Putter: Odyssey stroke lab 10 (2020) - #7 (Cut 1")
  9. Hi guys, I have a question that I need some guidance on. I have a G410 crossover 2 iron, blue dot, with the standard offering - Alta CB 70g stiff shaft. (Driver speed 105mph) As far as I understand, the blue dot means that it is bent 0.75 degrees upright. When fitted, all my clubs' shafts were cut 0.5" shorter. However, I bought this club at standard length + the blue dot makes it more upright (than what I'm used to). Would it be fair to assume that cutting this crossover by a full inch (1"), it would compensate for the 'blue dot' (upright lie angle) AND it would blend/fit into the rest of my set regarding the length?? Does this make sense? Let me know your thoughts.
  10. I'd recommend a Cobra F9. Again, with the rails and the hot feel off the face, its so easy to launch, and the distance is insane! Plus I think the sound is one of the best from all that I've tested.
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