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  1. Harbor Shores has a hotel on site. You're probably a half hour or so to some of the Kalamazoo courses. You're also near Lake Michigan Hills which is a fun course that used to host the Western AM.
  2. As I continue to try to improve toward a single digit handicap one thing I've noticed with my swing/grip is my right hand open during my back swing with an iron. (right handed golfer) Grip remains in my fingers but I've noticed if I slow it down that at the peak of my swing and through the downswing my right palm can flare off the club/left thumb. Will this cause issues or result in specific ball flight error? I've heard yes and no from guys I've played with.
  3. how strict is this no alcohol policy? I assume the clubhouse has no liquor license. But can’t bring a couple in your bag either?
  4. As affordable clubs in the Western Burbs are slim to none I was lucky enough to get introduced to Old Wayne. Private course and pay as you go in addition to the membership fee. Any thoughts on the course etc? Haven't been able to play it but did a drive by and it seemed ok.
  5. Playing there tomorrow, how bad were the punched greens regarding throwing putts off?
  6. As it's on the sole mainly I'd assume it won't affect performance? Just not as gorgeous as out of the box Great irons btw
  7. Jimmy Walker has sneaky great classic style Poor guy has dropped so far down the rankings you won't see him on camera tho
  8. I ordered a set of new ZX5's and love them, however after only a few weeks in the bag I've noticed nicks, dings and small gouges on a few of the heads from I assume banging around in the bag etc. Is this a known issue or has anyone had this problem?
  9. Any idea on a ballpark on the Glen Oak numbers?
  10. Someone compared Glen Oak pricing to Naperville CC, which last I talked to them was $10k and between $600 for juniors to just under a $1k for 40+. I'd also been told Glen Oak was pricey so I'm not sure what to think if that $10k is accurate or not.
  11. considering what I’ve seen and heard about the meh course that is LaGrange CC it’s pretty crazy to see that price tag and higher dues than Hinsdale for example. Take advantage of that local wealth I guess. i always said if Willow Crest built a members only clubhouse area and had the pool etc available to members they could offer a cheaper semi private option. I think the same for Naperville CC, if they built a pool/tennis for the wives and families they’d be very competitive. As such they were aggressive in pushing for a tour etc when I inquired which leads me to believe they need members.
  12. Do you know what the membership fee and dues are for Butterfield?
  13. I've had the same disastrous history with bunkers as well. I've had some lessons recently and my PGA pro said the same thing to actually not open it very much, keep it more normal with a 54 or 56 and make an outside take away steep swing.
  14. I hear you on the Butterfield thing, I live nearby also and pass it often and see the same level of play. Same goes for driving past Hinsdale on Ogden. Looks like we're both in the same area, a shame cuz so many great club options near us but all seem to have very large buy ins. Butterfield and Hinsdale I'd heard approach $100k. Ruth Lake I'd hoped would be more affordable (beautiful property btw) but hear upwards of $60-70k for them as well. Did you say Glen Oak in Glen Ellyn was $20k? Or did I misread that elsewhere?
  15. Cress Creek in Naperville could be worth looking into. $6k to join. Dues were I believe $395 for junior members when I spoke with them. The thing that irked me with them was that it jumped to around $1,000 for over 40.
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