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  1. I got refunded my money from Skillest and they directed me to another coach for a free lesson on them for my troubles. Skillest (Alan) had been in contact with me through e mails and assured me they would make things good and they did. Maybe something personal happened with the coach I picked initially causing him not to interact I dont know. He could be a great coach.....reviews on the app would let you know for sure if he was.(HINT HINT Skillest) I have many swing faults. The lesson I received on the app opened my eyes to what fault I need to fix first before trying to work on something tha
  2. I got your email and the refund thank you very much. I have heard good things about the Skillest app so Im sure this is a rare occasion. I plan to continue using the app knowing you guys take care of any issues. Thanks
  3. The app recommends coaches to you when you fill in your troubled parts of the game. I also went by price. Being a first timer I went with the ten dollar lesson to see if it would work for me. I dont understand why none of the coaches can be reviewed on the app. The coaches who are the best will get the better reviews and most likely the most students as it should be. The coaches tha get bad reviews wont keep getting the students or they will strive to improve. I have contacted Skillest directly. They have been very good to deal with and have refunded my money and directed me to a new coach.
  4. I signed up for online lessons. Submitted a couple videos to a "coach" and was charged for the lesson. Here's as far as it's got . Still hasn't looked at my swing. 9 days seems excessive . I messaged yesterday for a refund and still haven't heard back. There's no way to review the coaches oN the app that I can tell.
  5. I love this game. Thats why I joined this forum. Most everybody on here loves golf. I dont know anybody in person that loves the game like I do. I have friends who play but are not obsessed like me. Its great being on here and seeing people even more obsessed then me. I did get really discouraged recently with not being able to improve and declared to my girlfriend I quit the game only to be back working on my swing in the garage the next day. Take a break from golf if your not feeling it. Just dont sell your clubs.
  6. Im using plastic balls in the yard so neighbors arent complaining yet. They probably think Im crazy though.
  7. That last swing was taken before the first video I put up . I was just showing Kmeloney why I was trying to bend over more at address. But you are correct I videoed my swing today and got the club more shallow with lower body rotation but was still stopping my shoulder rotation and throwing the club at the ball. Its weird I dont even know Im doing it until I watch the video. I ordered one of those plane mate training aids last night to try and help me get on plane and stop casting. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  8. Yes my concern is getting a drill to do and do it wrong the whole time then get another lesson only to find out ive made zero progress. Unlimited views sounds good.
  9. Maybe most people dont get lessons soon enough. They take up golf. Start playing and learning how to hit the ball improperly. They get better at hitting the ball improperly reinforcing what they are doing. Scores are going down. Finally they want to really get better and go get a lesson and have to undo all the things they have been doing wrong for years. And now they have to trust that new awkward feeling swing on the course whille trying not to shoot a 100 so its easy to revert back to old habits that worked just good enough to shoot in the 80s. I think unlearning is probably the biggest pr
  10. I noticed my arm off my chest during the downswing in the video. Very tough to fight the caveman impulse to swing at the ball but Im going to keep working at it. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. My swing was actually more upright and I went to this posture hoping I could stay over the ball better in the downswing instead of early extending. I was 20 yards farther with this swing with my 7 iron then the flatter swing but I know both are not correct. The flatter backswing feels like a really weak position to me. This is a hybrid in the video. Heres the swing Ive been playing with for the last few years without trying to improve.
  12. DJ crushed him with that long drive in The Northern Trust in 2017. Jordan probably thought he needs that kind of distance to win and started jacking with his swing??
  13. Thanks for looking at my swing. So I should work on not casting and try to shallow the club more?
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