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  1. I was fit into the older rogue silver before so this should suit me. Do you play a similar profile in your 3 wood?
  2. Thanks. I ordered SIM in a clearance deal and it came with the rogue silver 2nd gen shaft, so was curious. Haven’t got a chance to hit it yet
  3. Anyone have any feedback on this shaft? Is it the old version profile just with new graphics and lighter weight? 60 stiff weights 63g uncut
  4. Looking for a lower launching shaft for g410 4 hybrid so was wondering if either of those would fit.
  5. Are these more or less the same shaft just a new version?
  6. Has anyone joined the distance train with the longer driver shafts? Ive always played between 44.75-45.25 inches. Ordering a Ventus Black Velecore shaft for my SIM 9 degree. I think I’ll install it at 45.75 (Taylormade standard) and see if there are any gains before cutting down to 45 if unsuccessful. Curious to see if a grip build up and longer length allows for a bomb ball and a grip down option when the accurate ball is needed?
  7. What’s the evenflow black profile like? Is it butt soft like the Diamana whiteboard profile?
  8. Are you playing it as 22 or have you it lofted down? What shaft have you in it compared to your irons
  9. Can’t get on a launch monitor ATM but do people generally play 19 or 22 degree hybrid in the G410? Which is better out the rough? Does the 22 spin too much? I’m not dropping my 4 iron. It’s a P760 22 degree and is one of my favourite clubs. Looking for something below it that’s versatile but gives me enough separation distance wise
  10. Wondering which has more impact on ball flight? I have G410 hybrid wondering which is more effective at limiting the left side flat-1 or -1.5 are both flattening the lie?
  11. Tempted to grab a deal on an ex demo head. Have people lofted up with Sim? I’m quite positive AOA (4 up) so thinking the 9 degree head
  12. I’m also interested in a g410 19 hybrid at the flat-1 setting to play 18. Distance wise there shouldn’t be much in it against the g400 5 wood right?
  13. I have the g400 lst 10 degree atm. A friend has a g400 max 9 degree thinking of swapping. Haven’t got the chance to hit it yet due to lockdown. Should they spin/launch about the same but more forgiveness in the max?
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