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  1. Why not just go smoke black 90? or if you’re going x flex 6.5 the smoke black 80 is 83 grams
  2. Interesting responses. I play a 15 degree TS3 as a tee club even though I’m thinking of switching to TS2 or TS3 16.5 and lofting down to get a nice face angle and a bit more height off the deck for Par 5s if needed
  3. What’s the purpose of your fairway wood. Is it a tee club only or dual purpose? what lofts are you gaming?
  4. big fan of the high moi heads in lower lofts. Especially if you hit up on the ball
  5. What’s the effect of not tipping a 3 wood shaft 0.5 inches? if you want the shaft to be a bit more “active” for increased launch will not tipping actually help?
  6. I was always in same boat hybrid v utility buying and selling etc. This section is the most ever changing in my bag so I bought all 3 and change based on how I’m swinging or conditions. Best decision ever. Look at prior release models for deals if you know what shaft etc you need or have already and plug in TS2 7 Wood TS2 19 Hybrid Callaway X-Forged 18 degree UT All are equal-ish on distances but dramatic changes in ball flight
  7. I have both and got sucked in by Sim too having never really liked TM drivers. Gone back to TS3 driver 10.5 D1 setting weight in toe tensei av raw white 65g stiff I always played Ping drivers prior but since I moved away I can’t get back into looking at the turbolators
  8. What Evenflow is it? theres heaps of low launch shafts all depends on feel. Tensei white/orange ventus black diamana d+ ltd hzrdus smoke black
  9. agreed. My miss was always left. Lofted down driver, stiffer tip shaft and a slightly larger grip size works so good
  10. would you say the Evenflow white is slightly higher launching than the Tensei white so?
  11. I have P760 custom order too. Yes this is normal mine are a combination of 89STXxxxxx 89PTXxxxxx
  12. Tensei av raw white 65 in driver. Would you go the 75 version in 3 wood if it’s a tee club mainly? Or Diamana blue s+ ltd
  13. Aldila Rogue Silver 110 MSI 60 (2nd gen) - 46 inches uncut - 63 grams - 3.5 torque - mid/high kick pt - stiff flex Tensei Av Raw White 65 (TSi shaft) - 46 inches uncut - 66 grams - 3.5 torque - high kick pt - stiff flex Has anyone got the EI profile of these two shafts? Is the Tensei white that much more lower launching at that weight or are they similar? Weight and torque is similar ish. I’ve liked the Diamana D+ in the past which is closer in feeling?
  14. Got this club built up and hit a few balls on a local trackman. Have to say this is a exactly the club I needed. Never thought I’d see myself playing a 7 wood Playing length is 41.5 giving myself that extra half inch to grip down when needed
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