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  1. Tensei av raw white atm even though id like to try something slightly stiffer in the butt but not crazy stiff
  2. is that something controlled by strike? I don’t think my AOA is ridiculously high or would lower loft be needed potentially
  3. I’m going to try pick up a heavier weight. The stock TS3 is 45.5 but my shaft is 45 with the stock weight so maybe more head weight is needed. I previously played a g400 lst which had more of a heavy hit off the face. I’ll try the heavier weight in the toe before jumping into a shaft or new driver fit. BTW I’ve always played with prov1x so have tested the premium ball.
  4. That’s exactly what it feels like and sometimes the launch can be higher than normal that’s what I’m wondering if I needed a stiffer tip
  5. my weight is in neutral setting. I’ve tried the fade setting in TS3 but I think I’d need more weight in it to find a difference
  6. I’m hitting the driver consistently location wise, flight is decent, distance is good with a slight high draw. Path is slightly in to out and positive angle of attack. The strike pattern is generally around the highlighted section on the pic. My problem is the feel isn’t solid off the face (as in light or hollow feeling). What could be causing this feel? Swingweight? Shaft? TS3 10.5 @ D1 9.75 Tensei AV Raw White 65g stiff Playing length is 45 inches
  7. Don’t stress about lofts, just focus on yardages. You’d be surprised how many people bunch up and have no separation as strike quality drops off. You may in fact need the HM natural loft to get the proper separation of 10-15 yards between clubs
  8. The green speeds they play on are far quicker also so maybe the use of the 60 is higher
  9. I’d imagine most pros would generally use their 2nd most lofted wedge for most shots (everyone should learn to master a particular club to play all trajectories using different releases and ball positions)
  10. I think I’ll go with the regular (110g) or regular + (115g) in the 56/60 to compliment 120g stiff in the irons Can always reshaft if it doesn’t work out but curious on how the feel plays out as I rarely hit full shots with either club
  11. Anyone gone lighter in wedges? $ Taper stiff is 120g $ Taper regular is 110g I have $ Taper stiff in 4-Gap wedge. Was thinking of ordering a new 56 and 60 with the regular $ Taper. Will the 10g difference be noticeable?
  12. Yeah I got fitted for a combo. 4-6 HMP 7-GW Forged KBS $ Taper 120 The HMP was longer when testing the 7 iron. Going for a gapping session when I get them to tweak the lofts if needed, that’s what they advised. I like the extra pop and forgiveness in the 4-6 iron and consistency in the forged 7 iron down. They said to adjust lofts based on yardage rather than even loft spacing. The HMP is a higher launching head due to the design so it needs the stronger lofts. I’ll probably end up going slightly weak in them
  13. G400 is a great driver. TS2/TS3 good options in a budget too if looking at older models
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