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  1. Yes I do open up the face and close it depending on the shot with the M grind and very partially with the S Grind. It’s square shots with the M grind I don’t feel it goes through the ground well. I’m tempted to try S grind in the 60 but feel by doing that I’ll improve the square faces shots but make the open face shots worse. I guess it’s a trade off
  2. I love the S grind on my SM7 56 degree Vokey and literally use it for everything inside of 100 yards. Probably the best pitching club I’ve had. I have an M grind 60 I rarely use but use it off hardpan or shots that I can’t get enough height quickly greenside with the 56. Is there another grind worth trying? I’m not comfortable with the m grind on partial pitch shots as it doesn’t feel great through the turf and get gets a bit resistant. I’m by no way a digger/steep so a bit confused. Is the D grind bad off tight lies? I practice short game a lot but just can’t get comfortable with the M grind. FYI I’m a 4 handicap
  3. what happens in this scenario? If playing a 60g shaft (raw weight 60g @ 46 inches) will bumping up to a 70g version of the same shaft offset the swingweight loss when reducing the playing length from 45.5 to 45 inches?
  4. awesome. Must check out the torque but assuming being a PX it’s probably low
  5. What’s the profile of this shaft? is it a linear profile?
  6. Any feedback on Taylormade MG2 (milled grind 2) lob wedge grinds: SB v LB? I have the 56 SB-12. Looking to add a 60 in either the SB-10 or LB-08. Is there enough grind on the 60 SB to open up around the green? It’s looks as if the 60 SB has more of a heel grind than the 56 SB? Currently playing SM7 60 M grind but it’s fairly worn now. Loving the new MG2 56.
  7. Can anyone tell me how the shaft will be effected by not additionally tipping? will it soften the shaft? If I want to use a heavier weight shaft but want a tweener flex , will this work?
  8. Mizuno JPX 921 Hot metal pro is 19 degrees and bendable stronger if needed.
  9. I it’s timing is exactly what I’m struggling with. It defo has a softish middle and handle from a feel perspective anyway the F3
  10. Thanks very much @Valtiel I play Tensei white in driver. Would the lack of linear profile in my fairway wood explain my struggle too? motore x F3 the shaft is. Tensei white a good try there too potentially?
  11. Aldila Rogue Black 95 msi 85g stiff Tensei White 90g stiff Tensei AV Blue 80g stiff Hzrdus Smoke Black 80g 6.0 stiff Evenflow Blue 85g 6.0 stiff Which of the above would give my TS2 hybrid a closer “feel” to my KBS $ Taper 120 stiff iron shafts? Note these are all very cheap on ex demo sales locally, so I’m up for grabbing 2-3 to try out.
  12. Does anyone know if the hzrdus smoke black hybrid shaft has a similar feel to the $ taper? I love the $ taper in my irons
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