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  1. Thanks for clarifying Srixon’s release timing rationale.....
  2. Has Srixon provided any rationale as to why they’re releasing in Europe now and not the US until next year? This will definitely cost them sales IMHO.
  3. Anyone have pics of the set wedges (A/S/L)? Thanks!
  4. How do the irons compare from a forgiveness and performance standpoint? May try to pick up a set of 585s before the ZX5 launches..
  5. What I find funny is that they haven’t even been announced in the US. What gives with that?
  6. Thanks for the info - definitely want to go graphite to be easier on the body. Torn between the Recoil ESX 460 and Recoil 95 as graphite offerings....
  7. Pondering the JPX 921 Hot Metals and wonder how different the Recoil 95 will play from the 950GH Neo. Have never played graphite in irons but getting a little older and would like something a little easier on the body without losing control. Also the swing speed isn’t what it once was - I’d say moderate at best. Thanks!
  8. Didn’t seem to care for the sound/feel of the 5s. Disappointing but waiting for other’s opinions...
  9. Anyone know if these are releasing in Europe next week?
  10. I’ve been thinking the same thing. Spoke to 2 dealers today and they didn’t know pricing or shaft options and I was told they wouldn’t until Monday when they start taking orders. Strange....
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