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  1. So every single one of my clubs in the bag have been bought off the rack. Stock shafts in everything, all stiff flex. Im looking to add a 3 wood to the bad (don't have one yet), have hit some at golf galaxy and pretty much decided on the SIM but I'm wondering if I should get a different shaft installed. Looking for recommendations? Also, not sure if Golf Galaxy does fittings or if I should pay for a fitting elsewhere?? Please advise. Club speed 100-105 Ball Speed 140-150
  2. Im jealous. I wish there were tournaments in my area. Have fun and good luck!
  3. Ok since nobody else said it: Maybe Tiger Woods? Heard he did pretty good last year
  4. Love how you shallow the club at the top! Great move. I wouldn’t change much, but if you’re looking for one or two things to improve upon I would say that your take away is slightly dominated by the right hand and that you do have a hint of early extension. Possibly look into proper weight shift mechanics and weaken the grip of the right hand a smidge. Everything looks great tho! Wish my buddies could swing like that after 2 years of development!
  5. A buddy of mine is a scratch. He said in his high school days his coach took his driver out of his bag and added a high loft 62 degree wedge. Forced him to play a more accurate 3 wood for almost a year. First round out he shot 4 strokes under his best round (73). Shortly after shot under par. For him, hitting more fairways resulted in more pars. He said it was the best mental exercise for course management he’s ever had. If driver is holding you back, don’t hesitate to take this leap of faith and see how it affects your scores.
  6. First off, whoever you took lessons from did not set you up for success. The grip is important but your posture, body position, weight shift, club path and shaft plane are all very flawed. start with some YouTube videos on the basics: you need to be more vertical takeaway needs to be done with the rotation of the torso and hips hands need to be more inside and your swing needs to be more lead with the left arm instead of the right.
  7. Any help as to why I can flush a PW 150 but can’t hit a 52 degree into an ocean? I have no problem controlling the spin on shots around the green, hitting high flop shots or even bunker shots. But if you put a pin 50 yards away I’m going to chunk it or blade it off the back. On 550 plus par 5s, I’ll usually hit driver, 9-iron PW because 5 wood gets me too close
  8. This is exactly how I feel when I start the round. Sometimes I play by myself and I tell myself I’m just out here to get better and enjoy the fresh air. I mindlessly go about my round visualizing the shots. But you’re right, I get caught up looking back at the scorecard wondering how many more pars I need to shoot low. And how many <10 handicap holes I need to survive rather than executing. I will use these words to paint my mental picture.
  9. First things first you’re counter leaning on your takeaway. See how your spine tilts towards the ball? Don’t do that. Second, your swing fault is early extension. That means your knees and hips are extending (standing up) and the club is moving too vertically. You’re basically swinging up on the ball, and picking the club up resulting in hitting the ball with top spin on the bottom of the club. Work in correct weight transfer and getting your swing back on plane. Most early extension is caused by swinging the club too steep and subconsciously needing to elevate the body to prevent us from
  10. That’s awesome! Maybe I need a stiff drink at the turn? Lol
  11. I play with my dad who’s a senior and have played from the front tees with him and have shot much worse than 90 lol. Approach shots inside 100 yards are my worst enemy. My best rounds are played from tournament length where I can use my driver on 12+ holes and am hitting approach shots from 170-130 yards in. I only use my wedges around the green for chips and flop shots. Any other short approach I use my pitching wedge. I know this sounds backwards but I can’t figure out how to hit a full wedge shot.
  12. First post here. Been lurking for a while. Im 28, I didn’t start playing golf until I was about 22. Didn’t start practicing until I was 24 or so. Anyways, started with a 50 handicap and brought that down to about 30 in my first year or so. Year two I broke 100, then about 6 months later broke 90. Took about a year or so off due to a career change and then just got back into golf last August, with a vengeance. I have been studying the golf swing and intensely analyzing my swing. I made the biggest strides in golf in the shortest amount of time these last few months, and I’m happy about it.
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