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    Death of the 9

    I love this shape and have about a dozen variants from different brands, but no Odyssey #9. My first was a Pro Platinum Del Mar 3.5 that started the love affair. My pet peeve is when the alignment aid is too close to the heel, which seems to cause me to pull putts. The Cleveland Classic 2 is an otherwise perfect putter, if not for that annoying defect. I’ve thought about having a second line milled next to it to sort of offset the balance. Currently in my bag, and not in any danger of getting bounced, is a Ping TR Scottsdale Shea H with a Jumbo Crown pistol grip. It’s a 600 gram tank
  2. I did this today because the course was empty due to the foul weather we had in central Texas (55 degrees and misting). I was dropping from 100 yards to the center, so depending on the pin placement I had anywhere from 88 to 115 yards to the pin. My club has big greens, but they have lots of undulation and were rolling at 13 today. PW to 10' - 2 putts for par PW to 15' - 1 putt birdie SW to 12' - 2 putts for par GW to 8' - 1 putt birdie PW to 30' - caught a flyer from the rough and was on back fringe, up and down for par PW to 15' - 2 putts for par GW
  3. I ordered some SM8s and a TSi3 the Monday before Thanksgiving. Still waiting.
  4. Sounds like I've been gripping it wrong my whole life. I will forego cutting down and see if I can normalize "choking up."
  5. I switched from the Tour Wrap 2G standard to the ZGrip Cord midsize this summer and like them a lot. Recently I needed to get a hybrid re-gripped, and my store was all out of the ZGrip in midsize, so I went with the MCC+4 midsize instead. Big mistake. It's huge. Feels like I am swinging a broom handle. I take it these plus numbers indicate what amount of tape buildup they approximate? That's good to know. Next time I re-grip I think I need to ditch the cord. I've switched to gloveless and the inside of my left index finger is wrecked. Hand sweat was not as big of a problem in the T
  6. About a year ago I cut down my driver from 45.5" to 44.5" and it's one of the best equipment-related things I ever did for my game. I am not long by any standard, and I still have misses due to path or face angle, but I'm always on the sweet spot and my driving, both accuracy and distance, is more consistent as a result. I since cut my 3W down to 42" and my 19* hybrid is 40". I'm sacrificing some max distance, but I really love knowing where the ball is going to go. Last January I decided to embrace technology and ditch my old T-Zoids in favor of P790s. The difference is night and
  7. I have a group of 8 that gets together once a year. We do a random draw to develop a bracket before the round. First round is holes 1-6, each winner plays the other winner in their foursome for holes 7-12, and then the winners of each foursome square off on holes 13-18 for the final match (losers can pair up or make games for themselves, or just tag along to watch the mayhem described below). Each match is 6 holes of stroke play, no handicaps, lowest total advances. Here's the kicker: every beer fully consumed between teeing off on the first and holing out on the sixth is minus one stroke. In
  8. The only PCC adjusted score I have seen came at my club's annual one day tourney where they trick the course out to play as tough as possible. This was back in March in Texas, so the wind was blowing, tees were back, rough was long and gnarly, dormant Bermuda greens running about 14, and at least half the pins were in just stupid locations. I am a 4.5 handicap, and I shot 94, ESC adjusted to a 90, and a PCC of +3. I still think it was my best round of the year, even though I seven-putted one green, none of which were bad putts, and the 7th was a 40 foot bomb. My dad is a 2 handicap and he card
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