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  1. Round 2 with the balls this morning. The weather was about 15* cooler. The ball still rocketed off the clubface and I was taking much more aggressive lines off the tee. Had more opportunities to test out the short game spin of the ball. It definitely does not have the greenside grab of a CS but its honestly not bad at all. I didn't have any issues getting up and down that were caused by the ball. With that said, the cover durability is still an issue. The picture below is a brand new ball after a single 5i off a tee on a par 3. Again, I am not a steep digger at the ball, but
  2. Thank you to Titleist and GolfWRX for the opportunity to test and review the new Tour Speed golf ball! I received mine on Saturday and played 18 with them today. First, about me: 40 years old, 4.2 HDCP, 105avg driver speed. I play 10-15x/mo, year round, weather permitting. I have been playing Callaway CS/X for years. Prior to getting on the course, I spent the weekend putting on my putting mat and comparing it to my current ball. It is definitely firmer than Chrome Soft but softer than CSX, although just slightly. I played this morning and opened my rou
  3. I bought some cheap 8' unit from Academy Sports a couple years back. It was $25. It has a velcro attachable horseshoe that you can move to either end of the mat, which has two speeds: a slow direction and a fast direction. It rolls up. I absolutely love it. I take it out 5-6x per week at night after my kids go to sleep and use it to work on my stroke. I have averaged 1.6 putts/green for the past 2 years. Found it: https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/tour-motion-8-ft-dual-grain-putting-mat#repChildCatid=5252726
  4. Someone is gonna get a great deal. I don't see this replacing my CMBs but I want them real bad.
  5. I would post my true feelings on this putter, but it would just show up as a bunch of asterisks.
  6. Cleaning out the wedge surplus. 1. Cleveland Tour Rack 1/150. Limited Edition. Marked as 60/12, but bent to 58/10. Bought new, used half of this season. Ton of life left in these grooves. Grip 8/10. $75 OBO shipped CONUS. 2. Cleveland CG 15 52/10. Black pearl. Bought NOS, used less than half this season. Tons of life left. Grip 9/10. $35 OBO shipped CONUS. 3. Cleveland CG16 46/8, black pearl. Used for a couple seasons but switched in/out with the PW from the set. Still in great shape. Grip 7/10. $35 OBO shipped CONUS. 4. Cleveland CG16 52
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