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  1. I had a set of s55s that I power spec'd but have to come to loathe the feel of cast clubs.
  2. Looking for something with a little more heat. Due to wrist immobility, forward shaft lean is minimal in my swing, so something with stronger lofts is kinda where I'm looking. Interested in the new T100S line. Srixon is intriguing too. The most important thing for me is feel.
  3. I have sold 2 sets of CMBs in the past and keep coming back to them. I am in the market, having a fitting on Tue, and am wanting some advice on where to start w the fitting. I have yet to find another set of irons that feel as good as CMBs. What did you play after you retired the CMBs?
  4. Jesus. I told my wife this morning that I was buying new irons soon and she almost stabbed me so I can't imagine what would happen if i bought another putter, but that 1.5 and Laguna are making my pants tight.
  5. I will take the Adidas vest if it's still available. PM sent.
  6. I have posted this before and really only got one answer but the company recommended has not gotten back to me after several attempts. Who can refinish an Odyssey with the soft insert?
  7. All shirts size small. Smoke free home. $15 each or 2+ for $10 each. Take em all for $40. RLX - Green with blue/red stripe. Polo - Navy w Pink stripe Ashworth - Green/grey, grey/dark grey, grey/red.
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