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  1. Love my Cali Del Mar. I have the AOP one and while it has been benched a few times in the 10+ years I've owned it, it gets back into the bag pretty quickly.
  2. Dang, I just went back and bought another set of CMBs or I would be all over these.
  3. Cleaning out the office per the wife's request. Little does she know there is more gear coming! All prices are shipped CONUS and OBRO. 1. Ping S55 3-P - Orange dot. Lie recently checked. 1* strong. C-taper 120 S. Grips have maybe 5 rounds on them. In great shape for their age. 5i has small nick that doesn't effect play- pictured. $300 $275 2. Adidas Greenstar shoes - 9.5. Older model but tons of life left in them. I always keep 8-10 pairs of shoes in rotation so these may be a few years old, but very low mileage. $40. 3. KBS C-taper 120 S 4-P. One
  4. Seems like the companies I know of can't/won't refinish a putter with a soft insert. I have an Odyssey Black #6 with a White Hot that I want reworked. Suggestions?
  5. You got rid of those horrible alignment stripes with this upgrade! I still play an i20 3w that I absolutely love. I would have gone to the i25 if it wasn't for those stripes.
  6. Hey all, Recently bought a NIP Adams XTD Proto DHY 24* head that I am planning to use to hit my distance gap from my 5i to my 3h. What I'm wondering is if I should shaft it with a graphite hybrid shaft closer to my hybrids or a KBS C taper like in my irons? I am a high ball hitter (too high mostly) and don't need any help getting the ball up. Recommendations and thoughts welcome.
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