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  1. Quick update the Futura is sold, Phantom X, Spyder S, and Odyssey 10 Stroke Lab still available, I don't see anywhere to edit the ad at the moment....thanks.
  2. I actually have a Bushnell Range Finder I just got, so I am good there, not really wanting to trade, sell them out right.
  3. Yes I can, will have to be tomorrow. Putter is at the office and I left for the day. I’ll let you know when I post it.
  4. Good Afternoon, I have very nice putters that I am cleaning out, as I am trying to just stick to 1/2 putters. I have a Scotty Phantom X5, Scotty Futura 5w, Taylormade Spyder S, and an Odyssey 10. All Putters are in great condition, all are single bend, I will list pricing and length below. Shipping will be to CONUS only, thanks for looking. 1.) Scotty Cameron Phantom X5- This putter was my gamer for a while, it was originally a 34" putter, had my local club guy cut it down to 33" for me. the original serial number is on the shaft. I have a grey Lamkin Deep Etched
  5. Queen Bee sold, only the Studio Stock left, dropped the price down to $225.00 shipped CONUS, thanks for looking.
  6. Good afternoon, Hope everyone is well, I have 2 putters that I am putting up for sale today. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks for looking. 1.) Bettinardi Studio Stock 8- This putter is in great shape. I am the only owner, and have taken great care of it....maybe 4/5 rounds on the course. The length is 35" and the Loft is standard, I did have the lie on this made 2 degrees flatter than standard. You could easily bend back to your preferred lie. Comes with a Super Stroke Digital Camo 2.0 Pistol, and I have a Bettinardi Jumbo Lamkin Etched I will
  7. Thanks bud, trying to get it too someone who will play it.....
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