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  1. Called my local golf shop and they are saying the same thing, the rep said he has a few he can get, I told them to snag me whatever they could, these things look awesome.....fingers crossed.
  2. Got the 4-PW in these a week ago. I have them Standard L/L/L with the Project X 5.5 Rifle shaft. To be honest I got these on whim, I have the Srixon ZX7's in the same shaft I have been playing for most of this year. Took the new T200 out this past weekend to give them a go, and man I really like them more than I thought I would. I found them easy to hit, had some great iron shots out there, to be honest I did not really test they yardages before I went out, but I feel like I am getting more yardage with these than the ZX7's. On looks, from address they are stunning, if you can get over the back of them, they are a really nice looking club. I loved the interaction with the turf on these as well, I think these may replace the ZX7's for the time being....Going out again on Thursday, but I am really pleased with this set at the moment....and I really love the ZX7's
  3. Man this thread is making me want to pull my Wilson Staff Blades back out and play with them. I ordered them when they first came out and they are butter soft. Love the look of them, and I may switch out the shafts and give them another go. Love the Blades, have the V6 and CB’s as well. When you first get them, they are amazing. A real work of art.
  4. Good evening, I hope everyone is happy and healthy, I have a few TM putting items up for sale. All items are in very good condition, pictures included.....Prices will be shipped to the US only. If you have any questions please DM me, thanks for looking!!! 1.) TM Spider X Chalk (Yellow Sightline Left)- Both of these putters are like new, I maybe have used the white sight line one 2 rounds, and the yellow one I used for one round. Both are 34" and I put on SS Pistol GT 1.0 Grips. They include the original headcovers. Pictures below. Both putters sold 2.) TM Soto Putter- This putter is brand new. Been sitting in the office for over a year. This putter is 35" and is everything standard from TM. Pictures below. I am looking to get $175.00 shipped on this putter. 3.) TM Vault Headcover- Grill (Brand New)- Looking to get $95.00 shipped on this one. 4.) TM Vault Headcover- Call Sign (Used Lightly)- Sold. 5.) TM Vault Headcover- Ugly Christmas Sweater (Brand New)- Sold. pin 9/15
  5. Price drop for the weekend, let's get this awesome putter moved, thanks.
  6. Satin Flo is sold and heading to Rhode Island, Murdered out the only one left...thanks
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