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  1. Anyone hit both the M1 and M2? Seems like the only difference is the M1 has the draw/fade adjustability but the M2 is popular as well.
  2. Good info. I like the adjustability of the M1 but it seems the M2 is the more popular club. I think that's what I'll be going with.
  3. You're talking about the new one that just came out in 2017? You don't think it feels/sounds cheap at all?
  4. I've been playing the VRS Covert driver since it's release and I'm ready to upgrade. I hit it well so I've looked to the Vapor Speed and Vapor Fly for about $120. Now Golf Avenue has the M1, (good condition), M2 (very good condition) and RBZ Black (new) on sale for about $170 each. I figure it's probably worth it to upgrade to a Taylormade driver but wasn't sure, I haven't hit them much. I like that the RBZ Black is brand new but I'm worried it's going to feel cheap because of that original price point even though a lot of reviewers seem to like it. But now that the M1 and M2 are close in price, that changes how they would probably view these clubs. Does anyone have opinions on these Taylormades or Nikes?
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