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  1. How is it not comparable to Lawrie and Els? If it wasn't for someone else's huge collapse on the final hole, they don't win that tourny. Less so with Els in that last Open because Scott's lead wasn't that big, but certainly with Van de Velde. Sanders was as close as you could possibly get, save a literal tap in. As for his clothes I think that is one of the few periods in golf were the outfits were fitted and not too flashy or overdone. At least for Nicklaus. Would welcome that today compared to some of the stuff we have now.
  2. I don't entirely agree with that idea. In the broad sense yes it's the basic number of strokes that determines the winner. But the implications of a missed putt on the 1st hole v 18th hole are widely different. That last putt Sanders missed forced another 18 holes to be played. A missed putt on the first hole is a lot more abstract since there is still an entire round to be played. If Sanders ends up shooting 80 that day, a missed putt on the first hole isn't that relevant.
  3. Recently a one hour highlight film of the 1970 Open Championship has been put up on YouTube. This event is probably best known for the short putt to win missed by Doug Sanders. At the first viewing some things really jumped out at me. The first being the caddy for Doug Sanders was wearing a suit jacket and slacks, just an odd scene compared to today. Nicklaus looked smashing during Saturday's round in a black turtle neck and blue plaid pants. His long blonde hair and square jaw. A real 180 from the early pudgy Nicklaus. As far as his fashion goes, I really wish this style would come back with todays players. Doug Sanders missed putt was a gift to Nicklaus. Jack certainly won the other 17, but this one he backed into. But I know that can be the beauty and tragedy of the game. This is never really discussed as part of Jack's career. As opposed to say the Open wins of Paul Lawrie 1999, or Ernie Els 2012.
  4. You can trade US stock commission free now with TD, that's what I use.
  5. Let's not forget the out of nowhere on air hug with Phil that lasted a little too long. I think that was 2015, but could be mistaken. I don't want to get too conspiratorial, but I recall Phil suing someone for claiming he and his wife enjoy a certain lifestyle. Could Holly and Phil be a little more than just friends.
  6. Dipping my toe into the market this week, fun to learn how it works. The 6:30am wake up is a little annoying being on the west coast.
  7. My whole point is that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can go to the Bahamas any time.
  8. I'm surprised at some of these hypothetical numbers since they're so low. To me Augusta is such a mystical unoptainble thing where I'd normally have zero chance to play. I'd have to go 10k. It's a once in a lifetime chance. Pebble, St Andrews, no barrier of entry there.
  9. I'm surprised they've never done anything like this before. It would be a great way to help their image in these progressive times. Especially now with many people out of work, no shortage of charities that could use some money.
  10. I bet if the price was 10k, there would still be a huge amount of people who would do it. Me included.
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