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  1. Hitting driver over the trees to cut a dogleg. (It's a worrisome addiction.)
  2. 63. I would've played 72, but it started raining and I hate playing in the rain.
  3. Those mishit iron shots that cause you to lose any feeling (other than pain) in your two middle fingers for three days. Comparatively, bad shots are just an opportunity to see parts of the course you never noticed before.
  4. The only one I want to see is my own...on a par 4 (is that too greedy?).
  5. They don't all do the same thing, though, anymore than her 50 pairs of shoes do.
  6. Time for a Costanza reversal. To me, you sound too anal retentive to hit the ball out of your shadow. You need to get trashed and hit 5 or 6 large buckets swinging out of your shoes, several times a week, until you forget how you play now.
  7. Everyone would play better if they only brought clubs they can actually hit. "Soft spikes" is just another way of saying street shoes. A round filled with hero shots is waaay more fun than grinding out a low score. Flexibility trumps strength.
  8. Looking at the angles on either side of where the clubface is contacting the ball, the angles are closer to equal in picture 1.
  9. So, anyone who ever has a mishit has a swing flaw that they usually get away with? What if the mishit is just the result of poor execution of a good swing? Or, what if the conditions of the shot at hand are not solvable by the parameters of an otherwise excellent swing?
  10. None. I used to take quite a bit. I found getting a lot more flexible helped me with golf pains, and more importantly, arthritis.
  11. Try reading a few of the "I regret selling my fill in the blank" threads before you decide.
  12. Look at the ball, pretend it's my first mother-in-law's head...smash.
  13. Has anyone said anything to you about anterior pelvic tilt? If not a cause of your pain, it could contribute to making your pain worse.
  14. It looks like a lot of what he's doing is based on Greg Roskopf's MAT stuff.
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