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  1. Been playing off and on for 30 years and got to a 5. Just watched a video u posted 7 years ago and it looks just like my swing. Inside, very high at the top. Not gonna say you’re my savior but I just hit a few with the no turn feeling then drive with the right hand and in the back yard driving range it worked with a 7 iron. Thanks for the video and tip regardless. Love the game and if work takes me to SD this year, I would love a lesson.
  2. Miss the “recent discussion” tab in the drop down menu. Yes, I know we have trending and popular at the bottom of the forum page.
  3. Thanks for posting input although I’m not the OP. Currently in FWB working but will be vacationing on that side in a week. If anyone is looking for a good course in the bham area, I can’t say enough good thing about Ross bridge. Played ridge, valley and bridge. Hands down bridge wins IMO
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