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  1. I added a 4 iron this year and dropped the 23* Super Hybrid. After more than a year I still have no desire to add a fairway wood back to the bag. I lofted both of them up 2 degrees and that change made the 17* a lot more versatile and playable.
  2. Apex Pro 19s Last year and Pro / Apex 21 combo set this year
  3. I would rather have the Pro 7 iron but Callaway made the combo mixed set with custom loft and lies that splits at the 8. I would not feel confident in a combo set that was bent to spec. I know any good clubmaker could do it but I like the fact that it was specially built for this particular setup.
  4. Digging up a thread from the past here. I have a set of these 845s Oversize with the OG Royal Precision stepless rifle shafts. I quit playing golf for 15 years while these languished in my closet. I started playing again in 2018 and used them for a few months before getting a new set. My game has improved lately and I was using Apex Pro's in 2020. I sold my set here on WRX and pulled these out of the closet for my last two rounds. I shot 77 on a tough par 72 course followed by a 76 on my normal easy regular par 70 course. They feel great and I see the same distances out of them compared to new
  5. I played Apex Pro 19 5-AW last year and they were great except I get inconsistent with the long irons just like every long iron. I went with the mixed combo set this year which is 5-7 Apex and 8-AW Pro. I added a DCB 4 iron to round out the set. I am not crazy about how different the clubs look in the combo set but I only use them one at a time haha.
  6. I dropped my 3 wood at the end of 2019 and went with three hybrids. I put a 4 iron back in the bag at the end of the year but the fairway woods are not returning anytime soon. I go driver, 17 and 20 Super Hybrid then 4 iron.
  7. The gap between them would be pretty small off of the turf mainly because of my inconsistencies. Off of the tee I see a higher flight from the 22* that gets over trees. The 17* off the tee produces lengths that would make me an internet golfer but that was before I cranked them up 2*
  8. Still carrying two the 17 and 20 both turned up 2*. I am not super accurate with them but they are always solid. I hit two perfect shots today and one big pull that ended up in good shape pin high. I wish I had the game to throw darts with them but they do what I need them to do quite well.
  9. I am looking at this shaft in a new Callaway Epic Speed driver. It appears only the mid launch version is available from Callaway and I cannot find the low version available aftermarket or as a stock offering. I am wondering if this is an attempt to make a made for shaft seem like its not a made for shaft. I wonder if the low launch version will end up as the stock offering in a yet to be released driver and then it will magically appear on the Golfworks at an inflated price. I am not wearing a tin foil hat and do not have an axe to grind with anybody, just searching for knowledge.
  10. Callaway Super Hybrid 23* Tensei Pro Orange 80G stiff shaft. With headcover no wrench. MCC+4 standard grip. $195 shipped and paypaled. Callaway Apex Pro 19 approach wedge. Recoil Proto 125 stiff shaft. Standard Length Loft and Lie. CP2 pro standard grip $95 shipped and paypaled. SOLD!! Callaway Apex 19 4 iron. Nippon Modus 120 stiff shaft. Standard length loft and lie. CP2 Pro standard grip. Hit less than 30 balls. $old!!
  11. I used the std. Mavrik last year and it has been a great driver for me with one exception, the left miss. I get quick in transition at times and can hook the Mavrik two fairways over when I get in that funk. I was going to get a tour flat adapter for the Mavrik and keep it in play this year but the Epic Max LS sounds perfect for me so I hoed out and ordered one. The Mavrik orange was fine with me but I still went with a custom black scheme. The green is terrible this year so I went with a black custom again with the clean crown option.
  12. Dude, those hammered blades are beautiful but above my pay grade. The Apex Pros I can say are fantastic irons. Great price and good luck with the sale.
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