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  1. I have not tried the Speed but the Max LS has been incredibly good for me. The forgiveness claims are not hype and it does not hook when struck out on the toe. In the center it produces crazy long bombs for me.
  2. I have a DCB 4 iron that I use as a driving iron. This thing is so easy to hit and LOOOONG! It has taken a lot of work away from my hybrids.
  3. Its funny how different people react to the sound of the same club. I loved the sound of the standard Mavrik and the first time or two out the crack of the LS startled me. I not only can tolerate it I have grown to like it quite a bit. Not as good as the Mavrik but much better than the aluminum bat sound that a lot of drivers make.
  4. The Epic Max LS is not like the Sub Zero models of years past, no really that is not mumbo jumbo. It is a stretched out max forgivness design that has no left bias and it is adjustable for fade bias if needed. The LS does mean lower spin but it does not perform like a SZ model in flight or forgiveness.
  5. I have owned all three Mavrik drivers and the Sub Zero is definitely harder to hit consistently than the other two. The Max is easy to hit and launches high but its not a distance driver. I gamed the standard Mavrik all last year and it is a bomber that offers great distance and is pretty forgiving but if you struggle with a toe side hook then its not a good fit. The Epic Max LS ousted the Mavrik in one round and has been phenominal for me.
  6. I came from the standard Mavrik which was the best sounding/feeling driver that I have ever hit. The Max LS is never going to be as good in that regard but the forgiveness and anti left bias is very real. I have grown to like the sound of the Max LS especially since I have been living in the center of the face lately. And it is a BOMBER!!
  7. No green to be found on this bad boy. Brand new never hit a ball Callaway Customs 9* Epic Max with red medallions. Mitsubishi MMT 70 gram stiff shaft. Golf Pride CP2 standard grip. Standard Callaway 45.75" length. Comes shipped in the massive Callaway Customs box that will cost me $$$. Comes with Callaway Customs Head Cover. Shipped and paypaled for the amazing low price of $535
  8. Another vote for the std. Mavrik being the best sounding/feeling driver of ALL TIME!! I went with the Epic Max LS this year and it fits my left miss better than the Mavrik but the sound is not as good.
  9. I had the Mavrik SZ for a while and it was not good at all for me. I found it to be very unforgiving when hit outside the center and when buttoned it did not work any better than std. Mavrik. I loved the std, Mavrik but I am a hook machine at times and that club did not help with a left miss. Enter the Epic Max LS. Wow what a difference!! This thing is forgiving and protects the left side for me. When hit in the center it makes a nice crack at impact and it is as long as any driver that I have played. Outside of center it makes a more muted carbon sound but the ball still goes a l
  10. I wonder if the V sole design makes the bounce numbers look low compared to other wedges? I played the OG Equalizer's for a while and found them to be forgiving on fat shots. They added a low bounce Texas grind this time around.
  11. I do not see anything wrong here at all. You obviously have great taste. This is my custom Epic Max LS. I went with the clean crown option though. It makes the Max style head seem like a players club at address. You are ruined now, no stock colorway will be good enough from here on out. Once you go custom there is no going back. HAVE FUN!!
  12. Sold This head is a bomber. The best driver I have ever had but the ho train rolls on WOOT WOOT!! Not a speck of orange to be found on this Mavrik and it is in great shape. Top line and crown are perfect. Comes with Callaway Customs headcover and weight kit that comes with 2-18 gram weights. No trades. $old
  13. Mavrik all day every day. Get a Ventus blue later for it.
  14. I added a 4 iron this year and dropped the 23* Super Hybrid. After more than a year I still have no desire to add a fairway wood back to the bag. I lofted both of them up 2 degrees and that change made the 17* a lot more versatile and playable.
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