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  1. Well, last Sunday I broke 70. Birdied 17 & 18 to shoot 69. First time in 6-7 years. That wasn’t the best part of the week though. I played the following Tuesday and had my third Ace. Here is the kicker. It happened at my home club Mirabel here in Scottsdale on #5, a 305 yard par 4. I’m still pretty shocked. I actually did with a set up of the AutoFlex SF505X with a Maverick Sub Zero head. I credit my new CNCPT irons for the 69. What a week and the fact that I’m 54 I’ve got to enjoy this while I can LoL!
  2. I actually played Scottsdale National a week ago. As I was I was warming up,at the practice area, which rivals any I’ve seen, I actually thought about the title post of this thread and had a good chuckle.
  3. I’m a member at Mirabel in North Scottsdale. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have if you PM me.
  4. Great write up. By coincidence, the owner and founder of Old Sandwich is a member at my club. We played a round this past Saturday. He was hilarious and has a damn good game.
  5. I highly recommend Lahinch. Just a magical place.
  6. Love Phil’s Grill! That place throws down some good chow.
  7. Sounds like you guys had some tough conditions. Just from touring Desert Forest without actually playing, the par 3’s and par 5’s really jumped out at me. Loved them, along with the green complexes. I actually walked out on a couple of the greens. if any of you get back to the Augusta area try and have your pro hook you up at Palmetto Golf Club in Aiken, SC. It’s a stones throw from Augusta. Second oldest course in the US. Same feel as Desert Forest in some ways. Alister McKenzie did a great job with this place. Green complexes so similar to Augusta National that Hogan made it his regular stop to practice leading into the Masters. It’s not long, but beautifully routed. There isn’t a tee box more than twenty yards from the previous green. The false fronts are just wonderfully diabolical. Hogan listed two of its par 4’s as part of his favorite 18 holes anywhere and Bobby Jones listed #7 I believe as the best Medal Play par 3 in the world. PALMETTO GOLF CLUB - 803.649.2951https://www.metrogolfmag.com/Articles/Article-Detail/ArticleId/4708/Palmetto-Golf-Club-A-true-treasure-steeped-in-golf-history
  8. I was playing in a practice round for our Member Guest last July at my former club, Montreux. For folks that don’t know it’s where they have played the Barracuda PGA stable-ford event the last 10 years or so. It’s a pretty tough track and the greens were running around 12 that day. To start the round I shot a very average 40. I came out bogeyed 10 with an awful 3 putt from about 15 feet, the easiest par 4 on the course. Well, the next 6 holes may have been the hottest stretch I’ve had. I birdied 11, birdied 12, made eagle on 13, birdied 14, birdied 15, and bogeyed 16, 17, and a lip out par on 18. And the bogeys per say weren’t awful. A couple of lip outs actually. So, 3 total lip outs and. 33 on the back for a 73. Best round I’ve had in a while considering the difficulty of Montreux. I was 52 at the time and played from 6980, one tee up. You are at elevation at Montreux, but there are a lot of steep uphill shots. My best memory of that day was my son saying, dad, for a 6 hole stretch you coulda beat Tiger. Great memory!
  9. Maybe there already is one, but I think pretty good thread idea would be to ask, what is the worst hole you’ve ever played and why.
  10. Oh I agree, but if you know how many times I arrived at Legends #11 hovering around even par and teed off #12 at two, three, or four over then you would understand. Quintero #8 is a God awful par 5 if memory serves. I’ll give you that.
  11. I think you are getting some good advice here. The Desert Ridge courses are decent if you want a last minute time and there’s an opening. The others mentioned are much better. For probably a little cheaper and better golf I would look at Legends Trail, Talking Stick North, or Verde River. I think you would get a better bang for the buck with those three. I will say that #11 at Legends Trail May be the worst hole I’ve ever played, but it’s typically in good shape and has some good holes.
  12. You know, I considered that, and might do it, but I really like the track at Mirabel. So, it kind of checks both boxes for me. Hopefully I’ll meet enough folks that I can play the other tracks semi-regularly and reciprocate to them also. Joining DF, along with Mirabel is also a possibility, but I would probably wait a little while to add a second. Gotta include the wife initially though :-)
  13. Agree AZgolfer44. Desert Forest looked amazing to me. I still can’t believe Aaron Badeley posted a 61 there recently breaking Bubba’s course record. I’m hoping to find a few guys who are members of a few of the clubs way up north here and get together some games at the different tracks.
  14. For my first post I wanted to say that as a lurker I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this forum. Apologies in advance, as this may be a little long. Now, to my discussion points. As I wind down from a work standpoint while being in the process of selling a business I’m starting to narrow my search for a private club. I was doing half the year in south Reno and belonged to a really cool club, Montreux. It’s where they play the Barracuda if that rings a bell. Well, if just got too darned cold so we just decided to be full time at our home here in the very north tip of Scottsdale. I’m really fortunate that I have four very nice clubs extremely close and am agonizing some over the decision. I know Estancia and Troon CC are also really good, but I’m looking for something within 5 miles. In no particular order: Mirabel: I live in this community (Played it twice) Desert Mountain: I live across the street, literally. (Played Apache) Desert Forest: Five Minute Drive (Haven’t played it, but toured the track a couple of weeks ago) Whisper Rock: Ten minute drive (Haven’t played it yet, but think an invitation to join could happen) I really liked the course tour of Desert Forest. My wife doesn’t play golf and wants some social aspects included so it’s probably out. Would still love to play it, as it looked like a brilliant design. Reminded me very much of Palmetto GC back in Aiken, SC. Love the fact the tee boxes are close to the greens, but very well hidden. And man, those green complexes are awesome. Great expansion of the practice area too. Desert Mountain has 10 restaurants and some good golf courses, but it just felt really impersonal on the tour. I kinda felt like a guppy if that makes sense. Also, with so many members I’ve heard it can be tough on weekends in the morning on your course of choice or also tough on mornings in the summer. I need somewhere I can pop out last minute and play in 3.5 hours with zero notice. I really liked Outlaw, but I’m not sure this Mega Club is my cup of tea. Whisper Rock I’ve heard is great, but again if I want to include my wife in anything it’s not the place. In fact, i believe the dining room is open for spouses one night a week, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. That doesn’t sound too bad actually, but no way I can get away with that. That brings me to Mirabel. Visiting it this week actually blew me away. Just the feel of the place felt right. I’m pretty familiar with the Discovery Company’s processes and I like the concept so I wasn’t totally surprised. I didn’t quite know what to expect since the members bought the club in 2010, but they’ve kept the Discovery philosophy. Conditioning is really important to me and it definitely hit the mark there in spades. Not sure I’ve seen more than a handful of courses in that good of shape. They’ve added new practice facilities and the food was the best I’ve had at a club in ages. The men’s grill was solid too. As far as the layout, I like it. I’m a solid six and hope to get back to low single digits, but I found the course a lot of fun to play. Not the toughest layout, but definitely challenging enough (7,143 Par 71 Tips). The guest fees are reasonable too and with a cap at 275 members I think I’m about 90% sure I’ve found a home. Any input is appreciated.
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