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  1. Title pretty much says it: in the backswing, when does the left forearm pronate and how much? Thank you
  2. Heard Dennis Paulson say the PGA tour would never permit leaving the pin in when on the green. Said it would look bad and that the Tour will keep playing by the old rule. For whatever that is worth
  3. I like listening to Matt on my drive in to work each day. Heard him say this morning that this is his last week on Sirus. What's going on? Anybody know why he is leaving?
  4. So we play double bogey max regardless of handicap, which helps keep handicaps in the acceptable range. Ok more complains from a low handicapper..... I have seen many times this happen. On a par 4 the 12 handicapper misses the green on his second shot. the other 3 guys on his team all are on the green. He walks up and hits, without much thought or effort, reasoning that the other guys will hold up the team. Then he three puts, takes a double bogey and goes on. Meanwhile as a low handicapper, wanting to get my handicap as low as possible, I'm grinding over every stroke and shot. If the 12 handicapper had be trying he would have maybe made par or at worse bogey, but he takes a double bogey and artificially inflates his handicap. Nothing you can do about it though I should have also said the game we are playing is the2 best net scores on each hole.....not gross
  5. The pro is doing it correctly. He uses the course rating from each set of tees and the slope rating. I'm not an expert on the exact methods of calculating handicaps, but I believe him and he is doing it correctly We were not applying the adjustment for different tees at all, much less correctly.
  6. Where did this come from? Can you give me the link to the reference document please?
  7. he's been playing the yellow tees for a year now, so he is used to it. By his own admission his game hasn't changed and he's not playing worse, even if when compared to the course rating his game is worse. Yes some guys play the white, mostly low handicap guys, and some play the yellow and some play the red. Today a guy from the red tees with a 16 handicap shot 77, for a net 61!! And you know what the mid and high handicap guys said, "well his handicap will adjust for this round" and I say BS, there is no way I could ever shot a net 61, so while it is possible for a mid/high handicap to shot very low net, it is impossible a low handicap to ever do that. Whats possible for a mid/high handicapper is impossible for a low handicapper. The playing field is not level. "If he’s shooting the same scores on an easier track, his handicap goes up". ....got it and understand "So while he’s a “7” while playing yellows, he needs to subtract 4 shots because everyone else is playing white." Got it, this might work, but I can only imagine all the complaints from the mid and high handicap guys playing yellow tees when they are told their handicap is adjusted by -4 strokes What about the guys whose argument is "the handicap system adjusts for differences in tees and ability, so if by handicap he's a 7 then he gets 7 shots" ?? and don't kid yourself, this is what every mid/high handicap player will say because they want all their strokes, so they can have a good day and shoot a net 65
  8. So this has probably been discussed before, but please bear with me. Numbers here are exact, but close enough for the example. We have an ex-PGA club pro that keeps handicaps for all the group (20 people plus or minus). He says he does it by the USGA formula and I believe him, no reason for him to lie and he has no advantage to lie. Teams are picked at the beginning of each day and they change every day, He would never get an advantage So here's what I don't understand about handicaps.........one example......we have a player that used to play from the white tees and had a 5 handicap (course rating almost 72), so he shot an average of say 77 (I really don't know what he averaged but that should be close enough for this example). He moves to the yellow tees, and shots an average of 75 (course rating is 67.5), but now his handicap is 7. So tell me, how does a guy play a 800 yard shorter and easier course and his handicap go up?? It kills betting games, because now instead of 5 shots a round on a harder course he gets 7 shots a round on an easier course!!! On a good day he is likely to shot a net of 64 or 63 As a low handicapper I can't complete, If I have a good round I'm shooting 70 for a net 69. No way I'm ever shooting 65 for a net 64, just impossible. But I bitching...:) Even if it is the truth So 2 questions: explain how handicaps can work this way, (handicap goes up playing an easier course) and what can be done to make the playing field more level?? Thanx guys Signed Frustrated
  9. back in the day I played with a guy that used the pull tabs off beer cans........and he never ran out of markers....HAHAHA
  10. I say Ricky, he impresses me as the type that lives life as he sees it . Plus he's pals with Jordan and JT, he would take up for them
  11. A friend saw a top shoulder surgeon today who had watched the press conference and was pretty confident Woods had taken some pretty serious meds. Who knows what for but it's hard to square the way he was going at the ball in the rough with how he looked at the press conference. Ah come on man, here we go again "Tiger is on drugs",,,,,geez..... He looked like a guy that just got whipped 0-4, what's he supposed to look like? And I'm not even a Tiger fan, but that's complete **
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