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  1. I’m just glad he’s stopped interrupting the instructor for the most part. Made it hard to watch some of his previous videos
  2. Just watched the initial video…really interesting thread. I’d love to get away from an arms dominated backswing. I feel that’s one of the reasons why my head drops so low on takeaway & backswing…arms pulling back brings my head down & limits turn. when I did initial practice step drill I felt I got much taller swinging body from the momentum & really felt like I was driving straight down into ground at start. Really liked the feel of it
  3. 1) continue to improve pivot…working hard to get around with that left hip so I can get to front side & stop hanging back 2) plan to try Mike Carrol’s fit for golf app starting in new year 3) haven’t yet but really need to put some consistent practice with putting on my perfect practice putting mat
  4. Thanks! I haven't tried with longer clubs...only 56 wedge. For me personally it's a feel drill working on changing movement patterns. However I'm able to do pretty decent 1/2 swing as shown above. To be completely honest if I go any further back I lose the feel I'm going for and revert to tilting to shallow initially from the top. So that's about as far back as I can go right now just due to where I'm at with the changes.
  5. Well we're officially in the offseason and back to work in my basement until spring arrives. Good season overall for me including shooting my personal best and proud of my continued improvement. I've started my offseason by revisiting concepts from my lessons with DC to continue to make previous weaknesses into a strengths. The one thing that stands out for me is a path that gets too in to out resulting in big blocks and poor contact with longer clubs. My left side works up too quickly while hanging back which creates some BIG MISSES. I feel like I'm throwing my arms at it as opposed to turning through the shot with my whole body. I've enjoyed using DC's drill with alignment stick in butt end of club---if I don't turn through properly I'll flip and wack myself in the side. (see video below) I like the feels with the stick but as soon as I go back to a regular club I revert to my old feels...this is going to take a while. LOL In addition I'm also working on the previously mentioned medicine ball with a bit of a twist. I slow it way down and only take club to p2. From there I start by pushing my left hip into ball and pushing against the wall which pulls my body through...kind of like this. It's very difficult and frustrating as I experience new feels but now there's good in that. Strive for 1% better every day https://www.instagram.com/willsmurraygolf/p/CWyiTPhPY-6/?utm_medium=copy_link Wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...thankful for this community I get to learn from!
  6. I bought the Rapsodo MLM Refurbished for $279 tonight.
  7. Thank you! Yup got this from the first lesson. Gives me an idea if I’m creating depth & making sure I’m keeping that space on way down. (Not crossing the line)
  8. Sent some shots to DC showing some progress on the drill he gave me in my first lesson about 1.5 year ago. The alignment stick in ground is to create some depth with trail leg but not allow my trail leg to cross over the stick through downswing. A lil detail below with each of the screenshots... 1) The two lines are for starting point of trail knee and back of hip at address. Able to create some depth in backswing while allowing trail leg to extend. 2) On the downswing I'm doing a much better job of keeping my posture (blue line on spine at top of backswing). The trail knee is just crossing over my initial starting point but it's much better than what it previously was. The red line is the depth I created at top of backswing and keeping that line through the downswing. 3) Lead hip working back and staying on red line and trail knee not crossing over the green line too much...it's better but can be cleaned up. I actually haven't worked on this drill much this year...been working on a few other things but the muscle memory is so much better because of the reps I did in my basement this past winter. DC confirmed the changes were "awesome to see" which obviously was great coming from him. As for my progress it's really just been a combination of consistently doing the drills Dan has given me...I do a lot from home as I'm not getting to course as much with our newborn. But by continuing to work on the drills he prescribed for my swing I don't feel like I've missed a beat not playing as much this year. Hoping for a great fall season before winter comes here in Nodak!
  9. Well I finally tried it...I had ignored the thread up until a few days ago and now I'm really glad I checked it out. Thanks for the idea, @Obee! I'm a 1.8 handicap per my GHIN but I've been playing terrible lately. Going through some swing changes with DC & realizing my neglect of my short game has turned into a pear shaped situation to put it mildly. Score - 57 (+3) *Holes were not in order...flying around in my cart playing which holes I could trying to get it finished before dark. I did double up on one hole (played it twice) as the remaining hole was blocked. 11/18 GIR Avg length to pin after 1st shot - 25.61 ft *One really bad chunk that I figured for 30 yards left to pin. I only had 5 shots 10ft or less. Yardages ranged from 80-108 yards. Every shot was hit with my 56 Titleist SM8. LOL it's definitely not as easy as it looks...especially going through some swing changes on the weakest part of my game (approach). I had some really good looking swings and shots but also some pretty clunky ones that weren't great. 1 birdie and that was a tap in from 2 ft. I did make some 6 footers and maybe one 10-12 ft to save par. Even though I didn't make many putts that was my strongest part. The swings got tougher the longer I went...could be because I was rushing. I would attribute it more to my own personal nervousness and desire to put up a good number...funny that's a fault of mine during rounds too. I noticed I didn't have much of a gameplan...yea I would check the yardage and get a number to the pin in my head and do my best to line up but all pretty clunky. I did not feel organized and deliberate...I think I need to clean that up. Considering my home course has very flat & large greens I'm not too impressed with my score. If I had done this on a course with a lot more hazards/bunkers/undulation in greens I think it would be quite a bit worse. I really enjoyed this game though...I look forward to working at it more and improving. I'm certainly open to advice or criticism so please comment so we can all learn from each other. Thanks!
  10. I did it at home pretty much all winter. DC had initially given me the drill in 1st lesson (May 2020) but I only focused on half of it…extending my right leg on backswing with the intent to focus on it more fully in the offseason. Once I started the drill in mid December I would do it diligently each day…I’d say atleast 20-30 reps in each session if not a few more mixed in throughout the day. I did it mostly hitting foam balls in my basement with a 60 degree…don’t want to hit ceiling. Lol I haven’t practiced the drill much since winter but where I noticed the gains were on swings I wasn’t trying to clean up to impress myself or Dan I was seeing much better lower body movement overall. I plan to do some more work with that drill in our harsh ND winter again. thanks for asking.
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