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  1. Selling a Bettinardi Hex B Football HC. In Excellent condition. Asking $125 shipped.
  2. Personally, this is where I like a combo set. I need a lot forgiveness from 7i-3i. From 8i in, I want my scoring clubs to be super conistent with spin and distance.
  3. I'm not the best long iron player (11 cap), but love the ZX7 5-6i. They have been really easy to hit for me. Little effort and the ball just flies off the face. Even on bad strikes, I'm out there near the intended distance. Really really like them. Honestly, 8i-5i I love, but I havent been as confident or precise with my 9i/pw compared to previous sets (could just be me). Kinda miss my i210s in the scoring clubs. Overall though, it's one hell of a set of irons.
  4. Went from Standard Mavrik to the Speed. Speed does better on toe strikes. Center strikes, they seem the same. Loved the Mavrik, but like the Speed more.
  5. I just got a Ventus Black 5x. Really liking it so far.
  6. Selling a Epic Max LS 9* head and HC. It hit 1 golf ball. Looks Brand new but it did strike 1 ball. Asking Sold shipped Selling a G425 4 Hybrid with a Tensei Orange stiff shaft. Used for a few rounds but in excellent condition. Has the HC as well. Asking Sold shipped.
  7. I also play Zx7 and use Bettinardi HLX 3.0 wedges. Best wedges Ive ever owned.
  8. Rick Shiels did a full test and the refurbished ball was no different on distance and consistency.
  9. The 50* and 56* HLX 3 are my favorite wedges I've ever used...by far. For some reason I havent gotten along with the 60*, but the 50/56 will be in my bag until the grooves are gone.
  10. I just have the 6i I use as a 5i. Love that club. As others said, they feel amazing and go miles.
  11. I have a like new Piretti Matera Elite. It is 33.5" and I have used it for 3 rounds and always use the head cover. It comes with the Piretti weight kit and an extra green cover. Asking $475 shipped tyd.
  12. I got a set a few weeks ago. Best full swing wedges Ive ever owned. Not in love with the 60*, but the 50* and 56* have been unreal. They look and feel amazing.
  13. I've been gaming the i210 for the last year and a half and love them. Got the itch and found a great deal on a set of ZX7. The ZX7s kicked the i210s out pretty quick. I am getting similar dispersion, but the ZX7 are longer and have been super forgiving. I would game both in a heartbeat, but I am so happy with the ZX7, I havent taken the i210s back on the course. Can't make a bad decision between the two, they are both fantastic.
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