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  1. This is spot on. I actually never get asked about clubs unless it is driver related. I love equipment, so I will bring up clubs from time to time. Many guys, even the best players I know, seem to use the same clubs for years and years.
  2. Club has hit about 20 balls on a matt. Stiff smoke im10 shaft. You can see a small mark on the left side on the black. Could easily be buffed out. Comes with original HC Asking 230 shipped tyd.
  3. Ping g425 would be my vote.
  4. I absolutely loved the Mavrik, but like the Speed more. Getting great distance on off center hits. It was worth the upgrade.
  5. 9* Max head (not LS) brand new in the plastic. Comes with the stock headcover. Asking $sold shipped.
  6. Such a great putter. Super soft off the face and the ball just wants to go straight. My distance control with it is second to none. Love the stock Ping grip and adjustable shaft lengths. It's a putter I will never sell.
  7. I210s are the way to go if you are looking for distance consistency. Unbelievable irons.
  8. That is a fair point because I did not get a chance to hit them off grass. I typically pick the ball and dont take a divot (working on that). Definitely a beautiful club though.
  9. I honestly think the G425 hybrids are the best part of the G425 lineup. I've owned the driver, 3/5 wood and 4H. Of course everyone has different tastes in clubs, but I love these hybrids.
  10. Hit the zx7s yesterday. Great looking golf club thats for sure, but didnt make me want to part with my i210s. If I were in the market for new irons, I would take a hard look at the zx7, but for some reason I think I expected more from all the hype.
  11. I played the Mizuno hot metal pro and now use the i210. You will lose distance for sure, but will gain accuracy, especially from 8i-pw. I210s are not hard to hit, but will be at least 1 club shorter in distance due to the lofts. I had no intention to go ping irons, but in my fitting the i210s had the best dispersion by far. Im a 10 handicap.
  12. Nothing at all, the i210s are fantastic. The overall look of the BPs in the bag are just incredible though... IMHO, they are best looking iron ever made. I wanted a new set of irons to toy around with anyways. I was just very surprised how good of contact I was making with the BPs and I actually think I can game them or at least blend them with the i210s.
  13. I literally just started doing the same thing a few weeks ago, haha.
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